Monday, September 28, 2009

things I've learned thus far...

... it is imperative to place the patient on a bed pan immediately after giving an enema, as things tend to projectile. Also imperative, bringing a change of scrubs to clinicals.

Now if you'll excuse me. I feel the urge to take a scolding hot shower.


Mandrivnyk said...

Oh my. Good for you - a career like that takes a very special sort of person.

Things like this are exactly why I do not regret my decision to avoid going back for a third degree in Nursing. That and the fact that I could never pay back the loans for three degrees on a new Nurses' salary.

Lola said...

I'm so glad you're blessed with a sense of humor.

Because the caca flies in life whether you have one or not.

Mary Ellen said...

When my daughter was in the hospital as an infant (she had jaundice that wouldn't go away), the nurse came in the room to take her temp and before she did I warned her that when she pooped, it was like a rocket so be sure to cover her rear.

The nurse, smugly looked at me as if she'd seen everything, no need for warning. She then proceeded to stick the thermometer in my daughters behind...within seconds it came flying out along with a large blast of yellow poop and hit her right in the chest.

I tried to stifle me laughter, and she just said (very surprised) "My, she has explosive bowel movements, doesn't she?"

....I tried to tell her, but what do I know? I'm just the mom. :-)

My daughter is a nurse in the emergency room and the only thing I can say, you all deserve a medal of honor (and much better pay with benefits).

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

What? No hazmat suit?

Niall Mor said...

A "scolding" hot shower? I think perhaps you mean a scalding hot shower. A "scolding" hot shower would be criticizing you constantly, and who needs more criticism? "You shouldn't have let that poop get on you, nag, nag, nag, blah, blah, blah, etc."

A "scalding" hot shower is just really, really hot. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! I remember giving Lactoluse enemas--it's like sticky syrup, we gave them to alcoholics who were dying--and their mental capacities were highly diminished--it was so not fun--sticky stuff EVERYWHERE! I hope you NEVER have to give one!

And then for the bowel obstructions--we gave some kind a a home remedy mixture in a quart size enema--blew them out everytime!