Monday, October 26, 2009

charitable giving ...

... did you know when you give money to a charity only a small percentage actually goes to the intended recipient? But when you donate here, at the top of the side bar, 100% of your donations goes to me... that poor blogging single mom/nursing student who has soiled two pairs of scrubs with other people's bodily fluids and is in desperate need of a thrid pair... and an oil change... and a refill of plavix so I don't drop dead.

If you appreciate what you see and read here, please consider a donation. Thank you.


Lvka said...

You can beg all Ya want... I'm not paying You a single dime! >:)

The Crescat said...

No soup for you!!!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

You should, seriously, be in marketing. Your bleg is a classic!

Siento, no dinero! I've pondered starting a bleg myself.

Pablo said...

I'm going to send you a little something on the 1st.

You ministry is greatly worthy of supporting.

If I was in the hospital for any reason, I would love to have a Traditional Catholic girl taking care of me.

I know she would be praying for my soul.

My friends two year old boy was injurded critically with a head wound. The Nurse attending him went to the Basillica asap and prayed before the Blessed Sacrament on his behalf. I saw him in Denver, afterwards.

God bless our Catholic Nurses!

I wish I could send more, but we are streched thin, and the enemy is well armed and supplied.

God grant you strengh.



Lvka said...

No soup for you!!!

wouldn't touch it, even if it were for free! >:)