Monday, October 26, 2009

the crescat on camping...

... being the mom of a cub scout has given me privy to the hidden world of men and boys. They all fart in their sleep and snore louder than a pack of howling coyotes.

But they are oh so much fun! They will bait your hook, put up your tent, and get up at dawn to brew coffee. They know how to start a fire with a pocket knife and magnesium and could care less if you're covered with mud and hadn't bathed all weekend.

Thank God for Boys.


Mary Ellen said...

You just listed all the reasons why I won't go camping. I'll stick to my indoor coffee brewer that is timed to be ready for me when I wake.

I love boys, too....but I love them even more when they go camping without me and I stay home to relax in a house that stays clean because they're gone!

Glad you had fun...I'm too wimpy to camp. ;-)

AngelsDefendUs said...

Not only that... but we get really impressed when you appreciate and get all "giddy" about the things you just mentioned too :)

Anytime I put up a tent and my wife says, "you're so good at that" I feel like I just conquered a small island pagan nation :)

Smiley said...

yeah a thank you form time to time and a big hug does wonders for us men types. we also dont like being nagged at. you amke mistakes to we dont nag you we shake our heads caler up your mess and carry on with our lives. we dont like rubbing your face in it .SO STOP DOING THAT TO US.
dont forget the hugs we like that though we pretend or say otherwise.

Dymphna said...

Ah wait til you've lived through the fart game!

The PsychoMachia said...

good to know..4 of my 5 under 6 are boys.looking forward to it!