Tuesday, October 20, 2009

more things I have learned thus far...

... not everyone will properly dispose of used needles in a sharps box so never push garbage down in an over flowing can with your hand. That, and projectile vomit can clear the distance of an entire room.


Mary Ellen said...


I've seen such projectile vomiting and even had a daughter who could projectile poop. Being a nurse is just like being a mom only nurses get paid (not enough,imo) to clean up the mess.

Anonymous said...

The joys of nursing! Soooo worth it!

nazareth priest said...

Ouch and ugh!
We clean up enough dog vomit around here but projectile?...Moms and nurses, like Mary Ellen said, don't get paid enough!

kired said...

measure the distance and keep a record :-)

eulogos said...

Just wait until it is blood that is being projectile vomited! Covering, it seems, the entire bedside curtain!
And here is a lesson for you that I learned that day..
Always admit your patient the minute they get to the floor from the emergency room,no matter how many other urgent things you have to do, even if the emergency room tells you they are not that sick and are just a complainer, because when they start projectile vomiting blood and you have to transfer them to intensive care, you will be glad you did, and if you hadn't, you would be in big trouble.
Because it is all about having the paperwork in order. Also, if this happens it is proper to turn the IV fluid rate way up even without an order, as this is what the patient needs and the doctor will give you the order later if anyone even mentions it. The nursing supervisor did this on that occasion and gave me that lesson.
Also, folks, if you are on coumadin and the doctor tells you not to take aspirin or ibuprofen, that includes naprosyn as well! That's what the blood vomiting lady did, and it came near to killing her.
Susan Peterson