Thursday, October 22, 2009

ooo ooo sign me up...


nazareth priest said...

Oh, but they forgot...Al Gore invented the internet...doesn't THAT make you want DMV style health-care??

Owen said...

Will someone pleeease tell me what I should think about this. Please? I'll even stop saying eh, eh?

laurazim said...

OH ma gawsh. Laughed so hard I peed. Then posted it. Good gracious, thanks for the laugh!!!

Mary Ellen said...

I'm for any public health care program that is EXACTLY the same as the Congress, Senate, and President and their families get...and we all know what the chances of that will be.

Pablo said...

Americans need the exact same Health Care Program enjoyed by wetbacks.

The Doctors, Hospitals, and Nurses all benefit from the illegal alien health insurance that has been provided to illegals for the last 30+ years.

As I have traveled across America and seen the toothless, in poor health Americans that live in rural areas or in economically depressed areas, the more I become convinced that the wetback insurance coverage should be good enough for them, too.

There will be no need to legislate, just sign everybody up like the government did when they placed millions of illegals on Government Insurance.

You always see a bunch of well fed, upper middle class people either for or against; why not put some poor, hard working Americans on the media airwaves to argue their case?

Real, dyed in the wool Americans need to be heard.

P.S. I am a beaner, but I do have lots of wetback relatives. They like to be known as mojados.

Viva America!


Ben said...

I like sarcastic spoofs just as much as the next guy (and this one was pretty funny), but a family that can't afford health care is not a laughing matter. No one gives a s*** about hollywood celebrities (not liberals, moderates, or conservatives), but using them and repeating the words "big government" 500 times does nothing but simplify the issue... ie, hollywood celebrities are stupid so let's not do anything about the problem. Can we stop dumbing down important issues using reactionary tactics? Health care is a problem and the market forces aren't going to fix the problem or look out for those in need. Let's have an intellligent dialogue, not use big generic buzz words like big government and hollywood celebrities. Was still pretty funny though :)

nazareth priest said...

laurazim: hope you had your "Depends" on....yeah, it WAS pretty funny!

eulogos said...

It wouldn't make sense though, to a lot of small town Americans, for whom the Post Office is run by friendly local people, who do things like run something you sent to your CCD substitute care of the church, up to her house on the hill because they know her truck's broke down, and for whom the local DMV is clean, efficient, and has short lines.

In general, the Post Office seems to me to do a pretty good job. I haven't had much trouble having letters arrive where I sent them in a reasonable length of time. The IRS collects our taxes pretty efficiently; I don't think we would really want them to be much MORE efficient at that job! And it is only in big cities that the DMV is a horror.

None of this really gives us much information about what health care would be like under this system or that. The current system can be very confusing for people who do have insurance, especially if there are two insurances in a family or one person on Medicare and another on a private insurance; the rules about which insurer pays first can even be contradictory and lead to both refusing to pay, and if you have ever had two they are always asking you to prove again that you don't now. And for people who don't have insurance it is a joke; they get billed amounts that they couldn't pay if they dedicated all their income for the next five years to it. They can get emergency care, such as a percoset and some penicillin for an abcessed tooth, but not the root canal or even the extraction that they need. I am aware of a woman who couldn't get her rotten teeth pulled out until she developed endocarditis. Then her doctor got his friend the oral surgeon to do it as a courtesy while she was in the hospital; previously his office had refused to see her. And of course she didn't pay the hospital bill, since there was no way she could. After the first $5000 or some amount like that, the rest probably got paid by Medicaid.
But she was left with heart damage, when all she had needed for several years was to have her rotten teeth pulled. I myself when I was poor once wrote a bad check to pay an outrageous doctor's bill so I could get amoxicillin for three kids with ear infections. Me "They have ear infections, they need amoxicillin." Dr. "They have ear infections, they need amoxicillin, that will be $90." I wrote the check, left the office, called the bank and cancelled the check. When my Medicaid was approved I sent the office the card # to bill. I also, when I wasn't eligible for Medicaid but was still poor, neglected a kid's ear infection until he had some hearing loss, temporary, thank God. Anyway, something needs to be done for people whose jobs don't give them any medical insurance.
There probably are trade offs involved.
Susan Peterson

The Crescat said...

"...I wasn't eligible for Medicaid but was still poor."

Yup. That's me. I will probably be paying for my heart surgery till I am 80.