Tuesday, November 24, 2009

everything I need to know about men...

... I can learn from my six year old son. This morning I was driving The Boy to school; a snippet of our conversation follows:

The Crescat: Do you still play with Joey at school?
[back story: Joey was a little boy that lived next door and was The Boy's best friend but his family moved 3 weeks ago.]

The Boy: Not much. We have recess at different times.

The Crescat: Do you miss him?

The Boy: I suppose.

The Crescat: How does Joey like his new house?

The Boy: I don't know.

The Crescat: Has he made any new friends in his new neighborhood?

The Boy: I don't know.

The Crescat: You don't know? You guys still talk right?

The Boy: Yeah! But boys don't talk about junk like that! Geesh!!! [insert huge eye roll]

The Crescat: Really? What do boys talk about then?

The Boy: I don't know mom, good grief! We talk about Storm Troopers and farts and stuff!


Robert said...

Are you trying to say there are more important subjects than "Storm Troopers and farts and stuff"?
Just like a girl.........

Joe (defend-us-in-battle.blogspot.com) said...

I am 30... and if you don't know how to fend of storm troopers... you are in BIG TROUBLE! That's important stuff!

Also, the farts get trapped in those white suits they wear, it isn't very breathable ;)

we talk about girls too... he just isn't allowed to tell his mom that!

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

You owe me a new keyboard. (Keyboards don't like coffee spray.)

Gentleman Farmer said...

It's important to talk about zombies, as well. But it's good to hear that The Boy is studying the classics. Imperial Storm Troopers are very old school.

Mimi said...

Bwaaahahahahahahaha, how true that is.

Theocoid said...

I'm surprised this is even a topic of discussion. I thought it universally known.

Mary Rose said...

Thankfully, my mouth did not have liquid in it. That was SO funny! Congratulations. Your son is all boy!