Sunday, December 13, 2009

time for another Crescat Contest...

... Started by St. Francis in 1223, the nativity scene has become an endearing symbol commemorating the birth of Christ. Such a beautiful sentiment... some how I don't suppose St. Francis ever fathomed his idea would be morphed into some gloriously awful kitsch and that I would hold a contest to crown the tackiest.

Voting has been divided in three parts based on it's sheer volume. The top ten tacky nativities will be featured when voting is closed December 24th. Vote now and may the crappiest kitsch win!

Human Hair Nativity Scene #1 Creepy Human Hair submitted by: Eric

# 2 Rubber Duckie submitted by: The Crescat

# 3 Bullwinkle the Flying Moose submitted by: Fr. Daren Zehnle

# 4 Mother Goose submitted by: Catholic Eye Candy

# 5 Eskimo Pie Submitted by: Catholic Eye Candy

# 6 Up on the Roof Top Submitted by: Catholic Eye Candy

# 7 Tacky Cut Out Submitted by: Ellyn

# 8 Bears and Shit Submitted by: Robert

# 9 Stars Wars Submitted by: Sooner Scotty

# 10 Kitsch Modern Submitted by: Mike in CT

# 11 Jenga Block Nativity Submitted by: Mike in CT

# 12 S'mores Nativity Submitted by: Mike in CT

# 13 Fing er Puppet Nativity Submitted by: Betty-Ann

# 14 In the Tree Top Nativity Submitted by: Betty-Ann

# 15 Bearstein Bear Nativity Submitted by: Betty-Ann

# 16 Weenie Dog Nativity Submitted by: Tina aka Snupjake

# 17 Christmas at the Pound Submitted by: Tina aka Snupjake

# 18 Bull Dog Nativity Submitted by: Tina aka Snupjake

#19 LSD Frog Nightmare Nativity Submitted by: Kathryn

# 20 Twist Tie Nativity Submitted by: Jaya

# 21 Mirror Nativity Submitted by: Jaya

# 22 Shitty Fiber Optic Star Nativity Submitted by: Jaya

# 23 Yard Snow Globe Nativity Submitted by: Jaya

# 24 White Wash Nativity Submitted by: Mike

# 25 Junk Yard Auto Part Nativity Submitted by: Mike

# 26 Recycled Trash Nativity Submitted by: Jackie

# 27 Lego Nativity Submitted by: Jackie

# 28 Creep Cat Nativity Submitted by: Eric

# 29 Bar Soap Nativity Submitted by: Eric

# 30 Depressed House Pets Nativity Submitted by: Eric

# 31 Ginger Bread Nativity Submitted by: Eric

# 32 Balloon Nativity Submitted by: Eric

# 33 Veggie Tales Nativity Submitted by: Dixie

# 34 Jars of Clay Nativity Submitted by: Tina aka Snupjake

# 35 IKEA Nativity Submitted by: Tina aka Snupjake

# 36 A Charlie Brown Christmas Submitted by: Tina aka Snupjake

# 37 Stonehenge Nativity Submitted by: Tina aka Snupjake

# 38 Precious Moments Nativity Submitted by: Eric

# 39 Country Kitsch Nativity Submitted by: Eric

# 40 Inflatable Nativity Submitted by: Eric

# 41 Fisher Price Nativity Submitted by: Eric

# 42 Ye Haw - Lelujah Nativty Submitted by: Eric

# 43 Santa Nativity Submitted by: Eric

# 44 Dome Arigato Mr. Roboto Submitted by: Eric

# 45 Play-doh Nativity Submitted by: Familias Catolicas

# 46 Mute Holy Family Nativity Submitted by: Familias Catolicas

# 47 Ugly Baby Nativity Submitted by: Familias Catolicas

# 48 Feliz Navidad Nativity Submitted by: Familias Catolicas

# 49 Cthulhu Nativity Submitted by: Mike

# 50 Plastic Yard Kitsch Submitted by: Paulinus

# 51 Canine Nativity Submitted by: Paulinus

# 52 Roger Rabbit Nativity Submitted by: Allen's Brain

# 53 Something's Missing Nativity Submitted by: Allen's Brain

# 54 Oyster Shell Nativity Submitted by: Tim

# 55 This Lil Piggy Went to Bethlehem Submitted by: Tina aka Snupjake

# 56 Raccoon Nativity Submitted by: Tina aka Snupjake

# 57 Basset Nativity Submitted by: Tina aka Snupjake

# 58 Commercial Kitsch Nativity Submitted by: Tina aka Snupjake

# 59 Flying Bears Nativity Submitted by: Tina aka Snupjake

# 60 Fuzz Ball Nativity Submitted by: Melissa

# 61 Coconut Shell Nativity Submitted by: Melissa

# 62 Carved by a Toddler Nativity Submitted by: Melissa

# 63 U.F. Ho Ho Ho Nativity Submitted by: Eric

# 64 Cheese Nativity Submitted by: Eric

# 65 I'm Not Fat, It's a Gland Problem Nativity Submitted by: Eric

# 66 Sock Monkey Nativity Submitted by: Eric

# 67 Bees Wax Nativity Submitted by: Paul Cat

# 68 Magpie Nativity Submitted by: Zanshin [copyright]

# 69 Palin's Nativity Submitted by: The Young Catholic

# 70 Simpson Nativity Submitted by: The Young Catholic

# 71 Florida Retirement Center Nativity Submitted by: The Young Catholic

# 72 Wax Museum Nativity Submitted by: Robert

# 73 Bottle Cap Nativity Submitted by: Lola

# 74 Why I Hate Thomas Kincaid Nativity Submitted by: Jane


Jackie said...

I don't think this is tacky ,I actually thought it was pretty cool . click .

soonerscotty said...

This is classic...

Happy Advent!

Robert said...

I think you've already won. But I submit this hot mess of sick.

Jackie said...

Ok...bears, smurfs and gnomes ? I can't believe it~!!? ...*["some peoples kids"] *shakes head

Coffee Catholic said...

Wow... that's not fair. How will anyone be able to one-up the Rubber Ducky Nativity??? OMG I can't believe what I'm seeing! Are they for real or is that some kind of photoshop trick??

Ellyn said...

I thought the Duckies should win. But then I remembered this (from the same purveyors of fine religious art who bring you the Duckies):

The Nativity Cutout Photo Stand

St. Francis, ora pro nobis!

SoR said...

Oh! Oh, that was horrible. I'm pretty sure you have already won your own contest, but I'm afraid I will be shown wrong. I cannot imagine anything to surpass the holy ducky family, and I don't want to be able.

Anonymous said...

Lets see what I've got:

and why not this one

Donna said...

My mother got a crocheted nativity one year; she was so proud of it. My brother and I made fun of it unmercifully every year. She finally got so mad at us that she got rid of it. I kind of feel badly about it now. I know it hurt her feelings. It was a dog-ugly nativity though.

Fr. Daren J. Zehnle said...

I found a moose nativity:

Flying moose are just plain strange.

Tina aka Snupnjake said...

Dog Nativity

And one made in whatever breed you like! (Basset Rule!)

Tina aka Snupnjake said...

Here's another Dog one!

Mike in CT said...

This'll make baby Jesus cry:

Mike in CT said...

or if you're hungry...

Mike in CT said...

and this is just. plain. wrong.

Betty-Ann said...

Betty-Ann said...

here is the Nativity Glove!

Oh and lol! My word verification is holee.

Betty-Ann said...

Rock-a-bye baby on the tree top, up come all the people, the tree starts to rock...

Mimi said...

I like the Star Wars one, but the others, ay yi yi!

Mary333 said...

I don't know which are funnier, the Nativity scenes [I think you won your own contest]or the comments! Betty-Ann's word verification had me roaring:) I think God was putting in His two cents on that one [lol].

Jackie said...

I think they all deserve an award lol. That's great. Why isn't the brick testament up there? :( The guy who made it is an atheist! Please put it up too but I think there are copyrights . He doesn't deserve to win but the picture should be up there with the rest. What do you think?

Kathryn said...

My brother bought this for me. I actually displayed it one year.

Jackie said...

Oh Kathryn , that is the tackiest.

Jaya said...

Ooh, I'll play. Top four:





Mike said... - inflatables! Yay! - plywood! Yay!

and what Xmas would be complete without auto parts?

Jackie said...

Mike ,you forgot A Nativity scene made out of recycled soda cans click

The Crescat said...

sorry about the brick submission, Jackie. When you said it wasn't tacky, but cool I didn't realize you were nominating it. I will add when I update it with these latest submissions. :-)

Anonymous said...

Awww geez - I have one of them moose angel ornaments, but it's a tree ornament, not that thing that looks like it's being strung up from a tree stump. Mine's really cute...

Sarah - Kala said...

I saw a picture of the Beckham's dressed up with friends (?) in a Nativity. It was really really really BAD.

Dymphna said...

The Beckham one was not them. It was a wax display. Whoever made that moose nativity really, really needs their a** kicked.

Agnes B Bullock said...

I have the Boyds Bear nativity and also the rubber duckie one from Oriental Trading. Guess I am in trouble.

Sarah - Kala said...

Ah, yes, thanks for clearing that up Dymphna. I went back and researched it and you are correct. It's still damn tacky!

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

Bulldog nativity set! So wrong and yet so right!

Tim said...

Is it wrong to want the Star Wars LEGO one? And if so, what exactly do I tell the priest at confession?

Eric said...

Let's not forget the Cats!

Or even better, depressed-looking Cats and Dogs!

And... wait for it... Balloon Sculptures!

Does "Nativity Soap" count?

And of course, it's never really Christmas until we eat the Holy Family:

At this point, I stopped Googling because I was getting downright scared of what I might find next.

The Crescat said...

Holy shit, Eric! All Hail the King of Christmas Kitsch!

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Agh! They're so tacky! I don't know which one makes me want to throw up all over it first!

Eric said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eric said...

Well, you did ask for it. Really, I just started Googling random words combined with "Nativity." There's some scary stuff out there, let me tell you....

Mike in CT said...

wow. I thought the frog one was the worst. Then I saw the balloon animal nativity. Unclean.

Dixie said...

Hmm...surely someone already posted this one? Veggie Tales Nativity? Sad to husband had to have one of these so I have first hand experience....

Tina aka Snupnjake said...

Hates doing this as it is Snoopy....

Ohh we have Easter Island Nativity, er excuse me, native Irish Nativity

Pretty Close to clothespins

Tin! and it's only $110

Enbrethiliel said...


I can't wait for the voting to start! =D

Eric said...

You should not have encouraged me. Once you get me started....




Baby Jesus and Baby Mary!

They wobble but they don't fall down:

Ho-Ho-Holy Night:

Ho-Ho-Holy Night #2:


Somebody please stop me.

Familias católicas said...

Tackiest... ummm

ugly baby


tacky or ridiculous?

cheap and tacky?

they say this will be the great pesebre: I think Jesus, Mary and Joseph aren't, but perhaps they are travelling...

Tina aka Snupnjake said...

has a new mission, find something tackier than what Eric has found

Basset Hounds!!

Oh dear...pick your favorite animal

Jackie said...

Thank you Crescat! I just remembered after looking at all the submissions. My brother carved a nativity set out of bars of soap one year when I was little . I wonder what happened to it...

The Crescat said...

Hey... if the Lord can come incarnate as a person why not as any animal He chooses... after all we are all equal living things. BARF!!!

My own contest makes Baby Jesus cry.

I am still waiting for the Elvis Nativity Scene people.

Mike said...

How 'bout squids!
or picture only at

Boy there's a lot of material for this contest - gonna be hard to choose.

Paulinus said...

You want tacky? I'll give you tacky. Check mine out.

Allen's Brain said...

Bunny nativity


from St Albans, WV last year, the holy family-free nativity!

AmMen said...

The pewter (?) one about #25 from the top makes Baby Jesus look like a mutant tarantula. Just saying.

Eric said...

I bow before the squids, but I do return bearing an offering of cheese:

(With directions!

I didn't find Elvis but I did find sock monkeys:


Aliens (it's a musical!)

Here is one (severe creepiness warning!) made out of human hair:

With an accompanying video:

I told you you should have stopped me! I have now thoroughly creeped myself out. Now I have to go hide under my desk for a while.

The Young Catholic said...
This page is full of horrible nativity scenes.

Zanshin said...

"Gift of the Magpie" copyright R.K. Milholland

Paul Cat said...

I don't know what this is made out of but it looks almost as tasty as the cheese one.

Jane said...

How about this?

It's got everything: Fake pearls and "simulated jewels," Thomas Kinkade "art", and it's a sweater! It even has a kitschy description: "Wrap yourself in the wonder of the Holy Family when your wear this Thomas Kinkade artistic Nativity sweater...An embroidered baby lamb and petite sprays of more simulated seed pearls grace the sleeve for an inspirational finishing touch to this wearable work of art."

ACEGC said...

I actually own the rubber duckies and the finger puppet nativities...they're right next to my Bobblehead Jesus...

Lola said...

I actually like many of the nativity sets at this site, but it's the Bottlecap Nativity Set that is horrendous.

The Young Catholic said...

Wow! $80.55 for something I can do in my backyard!