Tuesday, December 29, 2009

boo freaking hoo...

... the poor moslem terrorist who wanted to blow up a plane on Christmas and kill innocent people was a sad lonely kid suffering alienation... poor wealthy boarding school outcast. I think he just needs to hug it out with someone. Perhaps he can share a beer with Obama and call it a day.

Off for shit's sake! What kind of retarded ass reporting is this?


HermitCrab said...

You know, I had the same sentiment about the gal who up-ended the Pope. She is simply a lonely, alienated person, who was being inappropriately affectionate. Isn't it fascinating that she is the same gal who tried to do the same thing last year? (She even wore the same red hoodie!).

nazareth priest said...

Well, if lighting up a bomb in your undies is gonna help you feel "wanted, loved, etc." I guess HE found out!
Good grief!
He didn't even get THAT right.
If he was going into the great beyond minus his "equipment" how was he going to enjoy heaven (endless trysts with virgins?)
Is that a racist, un-ecumenical, heartless, unfeeling?

Gayle Miller said...

The incompetent terrorist only has to get it right ONE TIME. Those sworn to preserve, protect and defender America need to get it right every single time!

TCN said...

Well, his chestnuts got roasted, end of story. Pity him all you want, media, but we know the truth.

Terry Nelson said...

Hi Kat. Just me here. But I think you meant to say 'intellectually disabled' ass instead of 'retarded' ass. Try to imagine how much suffering that caused. I know you didn't mean it to be offensive.

shussong said...

Off topic..

to our dear Crescat--and all the lovely lurking ladies of the blog..

A lovely piece of eye candy featured on Oprah today..


Now just WHY didn't I go to college in Argentina??


Mary Ellen said...

I wrote up a post about this dude and the story about his poor lonely childhood. I couldn't believe that load of $hit either. But sure enough, as I was perusing the small Obot blogs, there was one who wrote a post about how bad she felt for the poor kid. This is the same blogger, who I had a HUGE run-in with, who called Sarah Palin's daughter a whore and her baby a "retard". Lots of sympathy and understanding for a guy who was going to kill almost 300 people and no understanding or love for a child who has Down's Syndrome. The hypocrisy that comes from those so-called "progressives" is beyond belief.