Tuesday, December 29, 2009

sadness is ...

... this.

uh, it's still Christmas people.


Anonymous said...

When my wife and I lived among the Baptist hotentots of Virginia, we were aghast at the annual practice of curbside Christmas trees on December 26th.

Old Bob said...

I tell my neighbors that Christmas begins after the first Mass on Christmas eve and lasts until Epiphany at least; until the feast of the Presentation at best. They think I'm from a different planet. I'm from this planet but I do live in a different, better -- Catholic -- world.

nazareth priest said...

That is so sad.
Thank God for the wonderful liturgical tradition of our Catholic faith.
The mystery of Christmas is savoured for many days; in the Extraordinary Rite it actually ends on February 2nd with the "Purification of the BVM" or Candlemass.

Jane said...

I was quite surprised yesterday when I went to the City Walk at Universal Studios, and heard Christmas music playing.

The mall across the street has their Christmas tree and lights up still, but "Santa's House" is being dismantled, and all the stores have taken their decorations down.

It's still Christmas in our house, and since we bought a small, live tree, we can easily keep our decorations up until Candlemas!