Sunday, December 27, 2009

sometimes all you can say is ...

... ditto.


nazareth priest said...

Well, to repeat my story on several other blogs:
I was treated as a "terrorist" by wearing a religious habit and having sundry items both on me and in my bag at the Amsterdam airport on my way to Rome not over a year ago.
Yeah, I'm a white, male, of European descent with a tunic, scapular and rosary.
I look like a terrorist.
Maybe in AmsterDAMN.

shussong said...

This security stuff is NOTHING compared to what I had to endure travelling from West Germany to USA one week after the Lockerbie incident...I WAS strip-searched in front of a female security guard to the point where I had to lift up my breasts and spead my buttocks, they took samples of all my cosmetics, lotions, and potions, i had to demonstrate that all my electronic and electrical devices actually WORKED, my luggage was x-rayed, gone over by dogs, and then searched by hand. And if you made any kind of a scene you were escorted from the airport...

I have no issues with folks wanting to hold laptops and taking a crap the last hour of your flight, especially an international one....however--when you start acting all WIERD about the whole thing is when the radar goes up...if you are sick to your stomach let someone--flight attendant-- know--don't park in the bathroom for an hour. If you're that sick you shouldn't be flying anyway.