Thursday, December 03, 2009

thirsty thursday nun gazing...


Niall Mor said...

Notice how young and happy the nuns look? They are in full habits. While many of the nuns whose orders have abandoned traditional habits look and act like your cranky maiden aunt. I'm just sayin'.

Monica Edith said...

"Notice how young and happy the nuns look? They are in full habits."

I agree Niall Mor, but Surely there are some pictures of more mature nuns, who are Happy and in Full Habits... (I'm a convert, what do I know...but I Love Nuns in Habits!)

I heard Rosalind Moss yesterday on the radio, she's founding a new order in St. Louis, Daughters of Mary, Mother of Our Hope, they will be in full habit, and Rosalind is a mature, delightful, dedicated Christian woman. She's gonna look awesome in her habit! Her goal is to "flood the streets with habits."

BAMK said...

I don't believe these are real nuns at all. Perhaps they are from the cast of some theatrical
production. The habits are poorly made, and the shoes and habits look sloppy. I think I see pants showing from beneath the habits. Traditional nuns are nothing if not impeccably neat and pressed. These "sisters" lack the decorum that goes with wearing a traditional habit.

There is a big gap in time and memory from the days when all nuns wore traditional habits until now.

What is sad is that many people, Catholics and others, have lost the sense of being able to tell the difference between the authentic tradition and an imitation. The authentic goes a lot deeper that the surface image. There was a spirituality that was deeply connected to all of the externals.

I have experienced this in helping legitimate new religious communites getting started. Many want to wear the very traditional habit but these new sisters have no idea of the sewing skills, fabrics,and community traditions that went into making and wearing the habits of old. Nor, through no fault of their own do they have the formation in religious decorum, propriety, and traditions that go along with the habit. These things had been passed down through generations of religious. It all stopped dead in the sixties and the new communities do not have the continuity of sources to rely on.

Well, anyway, that's my lecture; and that's why, after many years of religious life, and after many years of research and associations with nuns I think the two girls in the photo are wearing costumes for a show.

margaret said...

I don't know. Hard to tell. I know walking on a road like that would make boots look scruffy fast and as for 'underneaths' I have definitely seen trad nuns with trousers, it's called not freezing to death. The days of habits being made of fine wool serge are long gone and nuns are meant to be practical. A nun, no matter how trad, who spends time thinking about how she looks and what people will think is a nun in trouble.

margaret said...

I went to Google images to see if I could find the photo I once saw of the trad nun with just a hint of trousers peeking beneath her skirt. What a mistake! Almost every pic was porn or some other fake. What's wrong with me? Why didn't I realise in advance?!