Wednesday, January 06, 2010

epiphany art...

... because I don't expect my feasts to rearrange themselves around me and my convenience.

Unknown German Master, c. 1510

Pietro Perugino

Juan Reixach

Darmstadt Altarpiece, c. 1440


Old Bob said...

Beautifulk artwork, Kat. Thanks very much!

ben said...

I went to the vigil of the Theophany in a Byzantine Catholic parish Tuesday night. What a beautiful service! Their take on the holy day is very different, but very moving (I'm Latin Rite, myself).

mojo said...

took the day off to open presents with the family, as we've done for 22 years. Unfortunately, there were no Masses of the Epiphany anywhere near here - that was wrapped up on Sunday.

But got to do Wii bowling with my 5 year old, and eat Epiphany Bread that my 18 year old made.

It was happy, holy and blessed, as a major feast should be.

Anonymous said...

Though I am not a plurk "friend" of Crescat I learned from another person that she "is back in the hospital with heart troubles." Let us pray.

nazareth priest said...

We're keepin' up the Wise Men until Septuagesima Sunday (January 31) in our little chapel so we're celebrating Epiphany for a long time!
Thanks for the beautifully inspiring art work!