Thursday, January 14, 2010

everyone has a musical quirk...

... mine is Bhangra music; among other things.

Music is such an intense expression of emotion and culture. No matter where you are in the world there is a melodic representation for every range of human emotion and songs that recall celebrations are my favorite. As a means to express joy bhangra is heard at weddings and other social gatherings. It is also a particularly favorite style of mine because it's got a fun beat and you can't help but dance when you hear it. That and it's a bit sensual if I may be as so bold.

The purpose of this post; I love discovering new types of music. So share your favorite styles here.

I know. It's no Chinese Opera!


Rose said...

Thanks to a world music programme on a national radio station over here, I have discovered that I like:

Sardinian polyphonic singing (cantu a tenore); Balkan brass bands (and I never even knew before that there was a strong tradition of brass bands in the Balkans); Tuvan overtone singing(throat-singing); the Mongolian horse-head fiddle; pretty much anything east of Vienna (if you kind of zig-zag to include parts of North, East and West Africa as well), basically :-)

It's also been interesting to find out the kinds of music I don't like (or rather, can't take too much of); the host of the show tends to love him some Latin American music in plentiful amounts, which makes me go "Ah, no, not more tango/samba/rumba!"

Lola said...

This reminds me of Bollywood/Hollywood.

One of the best films from Canada.

Tim J. said...

"Gypsy Swing"

That is all.

The Crescat said...

Tim... nice! I am also very very partial to Klezmer music. :-D

Fr. Gary V. said...

I have this CD too! Sukshinder Shinda's Oh Na Kuri Labdi
is another good Bhangra selection!
Google the music video.

Paul Stilwell said...

Old Lebanese folk.

Maronite chant.

Terry Nelson said...

"...if I may be so bold." LOL! Never stopped you before.

Niall Mor said...

I was the youngest in a family of six and everybody liked something different: classical, jazz, ragtime, rock and roll, country and western you name it. When I got to high school and college, I wanted to fit in with my friends, so I pretended to like (or convinced myself I liked) the rock and pop that was cool then (the 80s). As I got older, I decided to think for myself and discovered some musical styles that were off the beaten path: Celtic (Irish and Scottish folk music) and bluegrass. A few years ago I discovered polyphonic liturgical music (Tallis, Palestrina, etc.) and it blew my mind.

My parents came of age during the Depression and World War II, so naturally they liked the music from those years. When I was a kid I thought of that stuff as dorky old fogey music, but now that I'm a lot closer to old fogeydom myself, the stuff my folks liked sounds pretty darn good! Just now, I was listening to an iTunes playlist with Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw, and Benny Goodman on it, to name a few. My folks passed away a few years ago, and when I listen to that playlist, I think of them. I think Dad would be tickled that I can appreciate his music now :)

marniebcn said...

I like rumba catalana. it's basically gypsy music. (this will probably get me in trouble with my friends in Barcelona)

The Crescat said...

Fr. Gary V ... check out DJ Gem and Tigerstyle [rapping sihks] :-P

Marniebcn... I bet you'd like Gotan Project.

Phillip said...

Duuuuuuuuude, I love this kind of music!!!!!!!!!

nazareth priest said...

What I want to know is, what in the heck are they saying?
At least with a Latin/English missal I can understand the Traditional Latin Mass.
Okay, I'm square.
I'll admit it.

Rachel said...

Oh Thank God! This is too funny...I am made fun of A LOT in my family (all in good humor of course)and have been sinced I was little for my "unusual" taste in music.
The way I figure it, it's not unusual in some part of the world so there. Besides, don't you find it's like a secret glimpse into other cultures because this art form is very expressive that it makes you glad God created all of us so different and beautiful? You see other cultures in a new light when you hear their music.

On an individual level, or cultural level it shows you what the artist/s love....or hate.

I know a little on the romantic side, but we're allowed we're women.

I suppose I like too many to list.

Here is a sad/romantic one for you. I love this version "Main Jahaan Rahoon"