Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I wonder...

... will I ever get the hang of the mass in extraordinary form? More importantly; do I want to?


shussong said...

I remember attending a rather high-spirited Mass at my local military chapel for Ash Wednesday..I went in with a pounding sinus headache and I wasn't sure if I could make it through...then I got a "whisper from the Holy Spirit," "The Mass is the Mass." And I quickly asked forgiveness for my selfishness, as I am lucky to be in a place where we DO HAVE Mass...

We have areas in rural Utah where they're lucky if they see a priest once a Sunday Mass once a month, and no Daily Mass at all...and I bet the folks who live there do some massive scheduling to ensure that they DON'T miss that ONE Sunday Mass...

Thanks be to God that you can attend Mass, Daily and Sunday, no matter what flavor it is....


Lazy Disciple said...

Hear! Hear! Sara!

Fr Z is asking for people to share their preferences, considerations &c regarding the old Mass and (or vs.) the new Mass, and this is a point that perhaps ought to be made over there.

I sent him my own reflections, which are certainly compatible with and interpretable as expressive of a sentiment similar to the one you have discovered.

Coming out and saying it like that is important, though.

Having said this, I must hasten to add that, while the Mass is the Mass, whatever flavor it is in, we Christian faithful have a right to Mass celebrated correctly - a Mass in which a priest says all and only the black, and does all and only what the red tells him to do.

It is not ingratitude to insist the Mass be offered properly.


Phillip said...

I am sure you will get the hang of it eventually! And as to whether you want to... maybe it would be better to just sit back and enjoy it instead of trying to follow everything (if that is indeed what you are doing). I like that its possible to have prayerful meditation during the EF Mass... unlike in the Novus Ordo which requires a lot more active participation.

Mark M said...

You'll get the hang of it; it's easier if you compared it to O.F. with E.P. number 1.

Philip: yes, 'active'... pity no-one seems to understand that means prayer above all, and not shimmying about the nave.

Mrs Doyle said...

Course you will!

Just takes a bit of getting used to - ah the silence!

margaret said...

Yes, yes, the deacons, the subdeacons, the various ministers clustered around the priest in gleaming gold vestments and billows of purple incense looking up at the sun of righteousness in the east – it’s so beautiful. I realise the Tridentine rite can be done badly and I’ve been to one or two that were grim to say the least but unlike some of the… uh… contemporary celebrations I’ve seen in both Catholic and Anglican churches the really great thing about the old rite (all emotion, poetry, etc, aside) is that it doesn’t lend itself to celebrations of anything but Christ – it’s damn hard to make it ‘relevant’, ‘challenging’ and ‘embracing’ or whatever the latest yuk words are.

And that’s your Russian Orthodox input ;)

The PsychoMachia said...

piece of advice from a "Latin Mass person," do NOT attempt to follow everything at mass..I recommend strongly reading the old prayers and undertsanding the symbolism (that was stripped (to put nicely) from the Mass of Vatican two.I actually prefer to hear in my English language, but I KNOW that its not an issue of language-they didnt just take the latin and put it into the vernacular. They changed all the text, dont think its the same worship.But yes, is still Mass,whether we offer it as objectively reverant and with awe or not.I tell myself, when i go to our local parish church and get frustrated with the pastor and miscellaneous stuff @Mass tht I dont like,that I am not the best leader of MY own "domestic church." and I remember that my scandal to my kids is much much worse than even the influence of the priest, as parents wield the most power on earth as far as influence goes.Just some thoughts.

The Crescat said...

Phillip, I agree with your comment about the mef lending itself to a more prayerful enviroment.

I can see myself being an occasional attender, having been to less than 15 masses or so in total, but my heart lays eastward.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. cannonball,

Personally I couldn't get used to the extraordinary form. It just wasn't for me. This is why I attend the Divine liturgy.

I once had a person told me that if I went to the extraordinary form I would love it. Frankly it didn't blow my skirt up.

This is why some people are wired eastern and others are wired western this is why there is unity and diversity (proper form of the word being used and not the CTA stupid definition) in the Catholic Church.

Noticed on your blog but you tend to post a lot of Eastern icons, pictures, vestments, do you attend Divine liturgy? Or have you attended Divine liturgy? Just asking.

John Gibson

The Crescat said...

JOhn... Ukrianian Greek Catholic.

Just another mad Catholic said...

Anything's better than the average N.O (probebly) btw There is a church in Reading (where I attend an FSSP latin MasS) where the Divine Liturgy ( I have an awsome audio recording of it) is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of the month and I was thinking of attending (unusually for a latin-rite Catholic I have a preference for Icons over statues), would anyone be willing to direct me to a link to/mail me a copy the rubrics in English ?

The Crescat said...

rubric for the divine liturgy?

Anonymous said...

We are blessed to have as our home parish what is also the home of the, until very recently, only TLM in the area, short of crossing the river to Detroit.

However, we also have a very solemn, beautiful, quite, no hand shaking, etc., N.O. Mass, esp the 11am which we attend. It includes sung prayers, some Latin and stunning music (organ and nigh on professional choir). I love it.

The daily Mass is so still and reverent it really is a little piece of heaven.

I am also very interested in the TLM, have been twice and tried to simply absorb rather than "follow." It was wonderful and I look forward to being a part of this again as I can and as it fits with my whole family but, and I preface the following by saying again we are fortunate to have the kind of N.O. mass that we do,- I am sick to death of hearing what crap the N.O. is from the detractors. It's a valid Mass and when celebrated properly is in its own way a thing of beauty. Maybe I'm just another dumb convert, too dumb to appreciate all that has been stripped from it or at least still too appreciative of being able to receive the body, blood, soul and divinity of our Lord to get my 1962 Missal ribbons in a knot. Our celebrants are pious and reverent and at least one is an outstanding homilist.

Well, that should win me friends.

P.S. Chapata word on this submission is "purras". I'm just grateful it wasn't "pureass" or I'd really be feeling the fingers point.

P.P.S. I sure wish you had the option of Name and URL or at least the actual OpenID field so I wouldn't have to keep fudging with my non used WP blog.

P.P.P.S. my little rant at the expense of your blog, dear Kat, is not aimed at you nor anyone who commented here but was simply sparked into being by the match that was "do I even want too?"

Just another mad Catholic said...

do they call it something differnt in the eastern rite?

Anonymous said...

I should have know. Born and Raised? Me I switched rites.

I fell in love with it my first Liturgy.


nazareth priest said...

Mark M: "shimmying about the nave"? LOL!! Luv it...wish people in the USA could talk like that!
And Mrs. Doyle: "ah the silence" just "spot on".
It is a culture shock to attend the TLM, Low Mass or High Mass. There's no gettin' round it. I know; before I celebrated it as a priest, it took me YEARS to finally "get it".
But you do, eventually. You really do. It is such a great gift to have this "usus antiquior" (the old usage) so available...not as a relic or antique, but as a living reality.
It just takes time. And prayer.

G said...

Ya know, every single time this topic is raised on "Catholic" blogs, the comments invariably go thoroughly uncatholic. E.g., "anything's better than the average N.O." above.
Its just so darn sad because it fails to recognize the fact that, even at the Average N.O., the sacrifice of Calvary is being re-presented. How can that fact be the object of such disdain & derision??
Benedict XVI has done everything possible to give everyone who wants to authentically celebrate Mass within the Catholic Church a place & a way to do that. That is the correct meaning of the word "Catholic". Deameaning the way others celebrate the Mass doesn't elevate the way you do.

Jason said...
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The Crescat said...

G... and there it is. The typical insult calling into quesitons some one's Catholicity. I am no less Catholic bc I prefer the liturgy over the mef and the no mass.

I never made the assertation in my one sentence posts; that got read into more than a playboy in prison btw, that one sacrifice was more or less valid over another.

ThePalmHQ said...

[ "anything's better than the average N.O." ]

Yes, because the average NO is saturated with abuses and trendy adaptations to an increasingly banal culture. So I think it's fair to say, still (howbeit for our Holy Father's courageous efforts to turn things in a different direction) that the average NO quite rightly leaves a devout Catholic wanting something more, if not downright scandalized. My $0.02 U.S.

nazareth priest said...

Crescat: "more than a playboy in prison btw, that one sacrifice was more or less valid over another."
I'll have to wash my mind out with lye soap with than analogy!!!

Lee Strong said...

They switched to Novus Ordo back in the midst of my training to be an altar boy - so I started out in with the Old Mass, but finished my training with the new Mass. I'm used to the new Mass. That's what I'm familiar with, what fulfills me spiritually; it's what I know as "Mass".

I've attended the Mass in the extraordinary form and it just does not have the same meaning to me. I think it's great to have it available, for it is meaningful for many people. But I prefer the New Mass.