Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I heart boys...

... dinner table conversations with my son.

The Boy: Mom, can I have a gun?
Me: No.
The Boy: Can I have a rifle?
Me: No
The Boy: A pistol?
Me: No
The Boy: A revolver?
Me: No.
The Boy: A BB gun then?
Me: Um.... No.
The Boy: Can I have a knife?
Me: Again, No.
The Boy: Not even a little pocket knife?
Me: No!
The Boy: Fine! Can I have a lighter?
Me: Good grief child! No.
The Boy: You never let me have any fun!


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

lOL!, love the boy :p

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

Wow, you are no fun. (But at least he will reach adulthood with all his fingers.)

Angela M. said...

My little boy wasn't allowed to have a gun either...and then they join the army....

Fr. Gary V. said...

Kat, Tell the boy maybe he can have a firecrackers, it more fun than those in his list. LOL

Karen said...

When he asked for the BB gun you were supposed to respond "You'll shoot your eye out, kid!" That would have stopped the questioning.

Han said...

You're totally mean. Guns are cool. Seriouslly, however, it might be better that become familiar with firearms through you rather than let him try to figure it out on his own.

Lee Gilbert said...

The kid should get something for his persistence, though, right?

Mom: I got you a pistol!

Kid: You did???!!!

Opens package and is deeelighted with the water pistol inside.

Slingshots are a possibility, or a bow with rubber tipped arrows.... something to confirm his inner hunter/warrior self.

The Crescat said...

I like the bow and arrow idea. Oh, he can totally have a bb gun, he's only 7 right now.

He can have a swiss army knife when he earns his whittling chip from scouts next year. I am not a total kill joy; it's just fun to mess with the kid.

kired said...

I would argue he can when he is old enough and prove to be responsible.

Maria said...

Crescat: I am a relative newcomer.I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your blog for precisely this sort of post. I am ROFLMAO. When will the world understand: it's how God made em?

DammitWomann said...

Totally agree with Maria!

Kat - you da bomb..........

Enbrethiliel said...


You'd let him have a slingshot, right? =P

Margaret Mary said...

I gave my son a roll of camo duct tape and some cardboard and he made his own weapons. I also highly recommend this (in the homemade weapon category) and this (in the purchased weapon category).

Margaret Mary said...

Okay, let's try that again. These are the two items I tried to link to above:



(Both usable indoors or out.)

Tim said...

My son and I made one of the marshmallow shooters and will be making a ton more with a bunch of Galaxy Explorers in March. Since the marshmallows can get a little messy after a while we figured out you can use Nerf darts instead if you front load them. This also avoids the choking hazard mentioned above. You can check out the video we made at our web site, WREXLabs.com.

Another tip: hacksawing the pipe ends up creating rough and sharp edges and lots of pvc dust. There is a relatively inexpensive pvc pipe cutter that can be found at any hardware store that cuts through the pipe cleanly with minimum effort. Here is a link to the tool.

Tim said...

Your son may be a little young for real firearms but if you are lucky enough to have a firearm enthusiast in the family or among your friends you should think about letting your son go shoot sometime when he is a bit older.

My youngest is just about to turn 12 and he went shooting with his older brother and uncle when we visited Kentucky at Christmas. Turns out he's pretty handy with a .22 rifle and a 20 guage shotgun. I think it gave him a much better appreciation of what he is playing when he plays "guns" and has increased his respect for the power of firearms.

Now to just find a Jr. NRA class nearby.