Thursday, February 18, 2010

taped to the dash board of my car...

... "See, here you have passed by a small child, passed by in anger, with a foul word, with a wrathful soul; you perhaps did not notice the child, but he saw you, and your unsightly impious image, has remained in his defenseless heart. You did not know it, but you may have thereby planted a bad seed in him, and it may grow, all because you did not restrain yourself before the child, because you did not nurture in yourself a heedful, active love." - Dostoevsky, Brothers Karamazov; Talks and Homilies

Mr. Nelson posted this on his much more pious blog and it struck such a nerve with me. Mainly because, a few years back, my son got in trouble in kindergarten for flipping his friends the bird. He told the teacher it was "mommy's driving finger" and that I use to wave at other drivers... you know like saying "Hi".

Never lie to your kids.


Lola said...

Please don't actually read that while driving.

Those other drivers who cause your finger to wave might be cutting you off and you need to keep your eyes on the road.

But, it's a very good reminder and I should also tape it to my dash.

Terry Nelson said...

LOL! Mommy's driving finger - I love that kid. Praying for the two of you all of the time - he will be just fine - love covers a multitude of mistakes.

Mimi said...

Mommy's driving finger made me laugh out loud.

Wonderful quote.

nazareth priest said...

"Teach your children well..."
Oh, as a spiritual father and religious superior, how many times do I have to ask forgiveness and tell them "do what I say and not what I do?"
Oy, yoy, yoy...
Road rage is a terrible affliction, believe me...I have to correct our good Sister when I'm co-piloting to keep it G-rated!!! (She wouldn't appreciate that, but what the hey?)..I myself have/do suffer(ed) from it.
You just have to really, really try HAAAARD not to be obscene...and pray, really pray.
God bless you on your future attempts:<)!

Phillip said...

wow! this is funny, but it hit home...I think I need to keep this quote on hand!

Susan L said...

My daughter reminded me today of a certain word I use when I get really mad and it just made us laugh and laugh.

I try really really hard not to use the sh word so I substitute.

"Shaving cream!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Jeanne said...

Ahhhhhh Kat, the trouble you get yourself into... :)