Thursday, March 18, 2010

new blog photo feature ...

... in keeping with this theme, "The Stuff That Priests Are Made Of" will be a new photo essay on blog featuring the fearless and harrowing efforts or our priests. I also want to illustrate the manliness of the priesthood that once was and should be again.

Iwo Jima... that's all I know about this photo, sadly. But I found it here on a blog worth the click.


Terry Nelson said...

What is just as edifying is the men actually kneeling in the mud. That is manly and noble.

Anonymous said...

According to The American Heritage Picture History of World War II, this photo was taken by a Naval photographer on top of Mount Suribachi during a lull in the fighting.

The Crescat said...

Thank you Bear for filling in the gaps.

Maria said...

Hear Hear. Remember when priests like Archbishop Dolan were all over the place? You know, priests who drink and smoke cigars and laugh as loud as thunder? I MISS these priests. They has JOY in their hearts and they were M-E-N. Man, I am ever with you on this, Crescat! I now refer the Jesuits at America Magazine as the *Popes'Girls*...

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Suburbanbanshee said...

Re: the guy with the rifle

"I'm the usher. You got any problem with that?"

(Obviously he was on guard for everybody else.)