Monday, March 22, 2010

an usual piece...

... a Trinity Pieta.

Annibale Carraccia

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PaxetBonum said...

Our traditional concept of "pieta" is defined by the image of Mary grieving the death of her only Son. Until now, I have never seen a pieta which depicts Jesus' Heavenly Father grieving the death of His only-begotten Son, and didn't know any such existed.

Herein, Almighty G*d Himself is shown to suffer the pain and grief of losing a Son, actually enduring the same horrible grief which He, earlier in salvation history, was going to require of Abraham as a supreme test of faith, but relented when He saw Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son and endure that pain.

Is that Mary, His Mother, in deep shadow, just behind His head? The artist might also have appropriately included Jesus' faithful foster father, St Joseph, but apparently chose not to.

Great image for Lenten meditation. Thanks for finding and sharing this gem, Kat. P&B.