Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sponsa Christi...

... people ask why I started hosting an annual "indie" blog award. My reason was half in jest to those professional bloggers who take so much pride in their blog badges and rankings. The other reason was to focus on many wonderful seldom read and quietly humble blogs who represent the Catholic Church in a positive and holy manner.

Fitting that description is Sponsa Christi; a consecrated virgin in the archdiocese of New York who was nominated for "Best Blog by a Religious... not Fr. Z".

Now hear me, I am not giving preferential treatment. I just like to feature certain blogs from time to time that I think go above the norm in exemplifying the Church. Ok, that sounded a little preferential. Sue me.


Adoro said...

That's why I like your awards. They tend to be the blogs I actually read, appreciate the most because they're by Catholics really trying to live and write about the Faith we all share. Normal people.

margaret said...

Thanks, I used to have her on my blogroll and lost her, now she is happily reinstated.