Tuesday, April 06, 2010

ukrainian pysanky...

... What?! It's still Easter.


Anonymous said...

Since becoming a Catholic, every year at Christmas I've gotten into an argument with my Evangelical family over the difference between Advent and Christmas. Their reasoning is that, since our society rolls out the Christmas decor at Thanksgiving and puts it all away on December 26, the Christmas season is during that time.

To which I respond: "Right. Because we should let our secular society determine our observance of sacred time..."

So, Crescat, that means since Wal-Mart has moved all the Easter candy to the clearance aisle yesterday, it is in fact no longer Easter. Sorry.


The Crescat said...

But I do not worship at the Church of Walmart. :-P

Josephus Flavius said...

I threw up a little at the idea of the Church of Walmart. I imagine blow up Miller Lite chairs, yard art complete with pink flamingos, people dressed in ill-fitting, neon t-shirts and short, and a loud pastor simulcast on all the TVs in the Home Entertainment section.

Old Bob said...

I love pysanky! Thank you, Kat! A blessed Easter season to you!

nazareth priest said...

A reminder I did not "get to" trying to do the pysanky yet...well, I have some more days to go!
As for the Church of Walmart...I got some 1/2 price flowers for St. Joseph's Day there and some beautiful bouquets for Easter for our altars...plus I actually found Cadbury Eggs on Holy Saturday! (A great find, I believe). Otherwise, forgetta about it! (I pray God, I'm not a sell-out!)