Monday, April 05, 2010

yay! it's a pity party...

... and you're all invited! Don't forget the booze!

After having to work all Easter weekend I came home to my sad little empty house. My family went out of town taking The Boy with them. While the rest of you feasted on glazed ham and roasted lamb, I had McDonald's for Easter dinner. Not even good McDonald's... it was the kind cooked by bitter employees working on a holiday, where the food sits out under a heat lamp all day, shriveled and extra sucky.

I decided to rent a movie to try and perk myself up; Death at a Funeral. As I sat down to eat my shitty McDonald's and watch the movie my DVD player decides to die... obviously it was depressed by it's miserable surroundings and committed suicide.

And then a "friend", who shall remain nameless, decided to text and get me all riled up. If you could see me right now I am narrowing my eyes at you menacingly.

I will now be eating myself into a diabetic coma with Easter candy.


nazareth priest said...

If you were closer (to WI, that is) you could come for our Easter dinner today (which because we were too wiped out to do it yesterday is always on E. Monday)...lamb (!)(and not freshly slaughtered in the back yard, I might add:<)!) new potatoes and carrots, Greek salad (!)(with a touch of lemon, of course:<)!) and asparagus...sorry about your Easter. It'll get better.

Old Bob said...

Kat, I'm sorry to hear it. I'll say some prayers for you. I must add that chocolate is a vegetable, because it comes from beans that grow on bushes. Take care and God bless.

PaxetBonum said...

Nice rainbow and star; no unicorns and fairies?

You may be a loser Kat, but you're not a quitter, and that makes all the difference. The "Good News"' is, we're all losers but Jesus loves us all anyway, even the deluded few who have convinced themselves they are, somehow, "winners". At least you have a commendably firm grasp on reality.

Don't you have any 'healthy' junk food outlets like Pollo Loco or Del Taco in your town? Mickey D's is near the bottom of the barrel, but even they have a few decent items these days (try the Caesar salads). For sinful quantities of delicious empty calories, w/ truly great drive thru service, we have In & Out Burgers here in So Cal.

Go easy on the candy, you wouldn't want to ruin your health just before your epic visit to Malta and historical meeting w/ MSgr G, er, I mean the H.F.

Buon appetito, buon viaggio, and Happy Easter octave to you! P&B.

The Crescat said...

LMAO... a firm grasp on reality. You crack me up, but thanks!

3puddytats said...

I was supposed to have Easter dinner with family friends..they called at the last second saying the kids were throwing-up...too much Easter candy I picked up a rotisserie chicken at the local grocery store--open on Easter can you believe it--put together a salad, garlic toast, and fried up some eggplant...chocolate pudding for dessert..yummy!!

I think next year I'll make different Easter plans..


Just another mad Catholic said...

Is this group therapy?

Howabout I spent most of the Vigil Mass and the 10AM Mass on Sunday alternating between getting riled at the lapsed Catholics in attendance (place was packed compared to a normal Sunday) who plainly only come at Easter/Christmast to please their parents who let their own kids (baptized?) run amock, trying not to laugh at the way the Parish Sister was marching up and down the asles promoting devotion to the Divine Mercy chaplet (Sr. Margret is the one who really runs the Parish :) ) and crying my eyes out because there are quite a few good Catholic families in our neck of the woods and I don't have one of my own.

kozz said...

How does severe jeg lag, nausea, and no lunch, sound to you.

Top that with being alone, in a foreign country.

You are never alone in your misery.

nazareth priest said...

3puddytats: Rotisserie chicken from the local grocery is the stand-by at this monastery when the cook is too tired to cook!
Good for you!

nazareth priest said...

Just another mad Catholic: For what this is worth...just keep prayin' and hoping...if you're meant to be married, the Lord will provide.
Just remember Abraham; he had to wait a LOOONG time for a son; and his wife laughed. How's THAT for a zinger:>)!