Monday, May 03, 2010


... every body needs a healthy dose of it from time to time. I needed it today to be reminded that I am accountable for not just every word I utter, but for every word I publish on this blog.

A year ago, Mr. Nelson, did an excellent post on accountability and reminded us that we will essentially be judged by every word we say... including every word we blog. Scary. I know. That was enough for me and I completely changed the format and direction I was going with Blog.

In the past what I have typed here has caused people undo embarrassment and grief. I've embarrassed my family by getting too personal, I insulted my parish and certain members of it... really nasty stuff. None of which I was proud of.

And for over a year I managed to refrain from being unintentional hurtful. Today I broke my streak. I am not proud of my behavior and fixed the offending post. Too little too late. But the gesture is sincere and heart felt.

I have let myself become the center of my own attention. I have whined and bitched and moaned about my travel plans to ad nauseum. I actually feel sorry for you guys, my poor readers, who've born the brunt and had to endure my endless pity party.

Ugly business, feeling sorry for yourself. You end up lashing out at people. Which is what I hastily did today. I am better than that, I know it. I just became self absorbed and focused on how I felt I had been wronged.

So, to the readers of Blog, I promise a higher standard of material for your readership.

And to this specific individual, I am deeply sorry for the hurt and disappointment.


Just another mad Catholic said...
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3puddytats said...

It's your blog Kat--you can write what you's your own on-line journal...folks that don't like it well, can go elsewhere...just like it you don't like what's on tv, change the channel..

Venting is part of humanity..and it is good for the blood pressure..

If all the blog became "impersonable" scripted college writing assignments they'd be no fun at all to read...

Plus I like the beefcake..keep it coming :)

God Bless... Sara

nazareth priest said...

Kat: I LOVE your are so real, so sincere, and you obviously love God, our Holy Mother Church, and the Boy...
I don't care what you write or how you write is refreshing and so on-target.
Yeah, we all fail. Sometimes big time (I wake in the morning sometimes wondering why the h*** I wrote what I wrote in some blogs.)
But, the point of this rambling is that we are who are are. God works with that. We live in a time and era that molds us and shapes us, whether we are aware of it or like it.
But God works with all of this.
I'm convinced of that.
We just have to be willing (in humility) to accept His corrections and to be ourselves.
Sounds like "fuzzy liberalism"?...hope not.:<)!

Old Bob said...

Dear Kat, once I had my heart so set so long on a career in academic theater, and then had my hopes dashed. It has taken me about 40 years to really see I'm better off for it, but in the meantime I was a very unhappy camper. And that wasn't the only thing. I'll pray for you and The Boy. Keep writing, please!

Just another mad Catholic said...

besides where would we be without your mad rants? devoid of much humour and laughter - keep the madness up girl

John (Ad Orientem) said...

A few years back a friend of mine returned from spending a week at St. Anthony's Monastery in AZ and related the following story.

A visitor to the monastery once approached one of the monks and asked him "what exactly is it that you do here all day?" To which the monk replied "we fall down. And then we get back up again."

You may have more of the monastic calling in you than you realize.

Christ is risen!

Faith said...

Don't beat yourself up over mistakes. (We could swap stories.) I just emailed a bunch of parishioners about a topic that so jolted my pastor that he ripped me a new one. Now I'm on his sh** list and he's the type to never cross off the names on his list. However, that being so, the office staff tell me that he's changed his mind re: the topic I wrote about. So, I feel that I was God's instrument in getting the pastor to change his mind, even though I'm crucified for it. The point of this story, is that you never know. What you think was a mistake may have been meant to be. You were an instrument. How's that?

Badger Catholic said...

Well I for one would be miserable without Geiko Caveman Jesus. Was it the snake in the shoe? I bet he's still upset about the sewer ride. If you start talking about sunshine and lollipops, I'm atta here. Keep it real sister!

Terry Nelson said...

I love you and your blog.

I keep making the same mistakes - I trip up all the time - we just gotta get up, apologize, renew our resolutions and keep on. Don't be too hard on yourself.

And go to confession. LOL!

newguy40 said...

Well said by both yourself and the commenters. I can't really add too much to those comments.

We Fall Down and Get Up Again. THAT is what we do.

Nana said...

We all fail every day and that is called life. But because we worship a merciful God we begin again. Please don't change a thing. You are so real and authentic and you make my day on so many days!

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

..but you're still going to give us more craptastic Jesus art, right?

kired said...

I will keep reading your blog. Each time you rant, I feel your pain and pray for you.

Gail F said...

Been there, done that. It's not always easy to tell when you are being hurtful from when you are being sarcastic at the time you're writing. Blogs can really hurt other people and I don't subscribe to the "it's your blog so hurt anyone you want to" theory of blogging. But everyone does it from time to time -- thank goodness blog posts can be changed! "Go thou and sin no more."

thank goodness you can change blog posts