Monday, May 10, 2010

redundant ...

... I will never understand why some parishes [which shall remain nameless] feel the need to have an annual "multicultural mass". I mean by definition "Catholic" means universal. You can't get more multi-anything than that.



Teresa said...

Liberals are all into multiculturalism. I guess being Americans and/or Catholics isn't enough for them. Instead, liberals feel they need special recognition for being different. Multiculturalism is kind of like the race issue.

RMT said...

They had a parish in Texas where there was a lot of the multicultural bs, and the priest saw that all it was doing was ripping the parish apart along lines of ethnicity. He decided that he would say the ordinary form mass in latin, and the parish loved it. The groups that were fighting with each other before all went to the same Mass and said the same prayers together.

Donna said...

I attend the parish you are talking about. I would never attend such a "festival." First, my forebears have all been here since the 1600s and 1700s, so any connection to a country outside of the United States is only through my research. What nation would I represent? I guess it would be the nation of Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee. Ridiculous. Not only that. I'm single. I feel like a big old bug crawling on the floor at such gatherings. I always skip those.

Janny said...

I was at a parish not so very long ago where several parts of the Mass were newly composed by a local guy, in several languages. The priest made a big deal out of this representing the wide, vast reach of the Catholic Church, the universality of it, how we all needed to appreciate the many languages in which we all celebrated...and that this would give us more "common language" together. Then we proceeded to hack our way through an Agnus Dei that took about 10 minutes by itself because, of course, we needed to repeat everything in three languages...

Of COURSE, at no time during this multicultural, multilanguage sing-along was LATIN ever used as one of the languages in which "we all pray."

I came through that experience with two main thoughts:

"We HAVE a common language, Dolt. It's called LATIN. Use it."
"If I had to
go to this parish every week for Mass, I'd slit my wrists."

I suspect neither of those was the intended effect of this feel-good multilanguage extravaganza. So, even on the level of liberal let's-all-affirm-each-other Masses, it failed miserably.

OTOH, the parishioners no doubt thought it was cool. Of course, they also thought it was cool to visit LOUDLY (as in calling to each other across pews...I'm not kidding) in the church prior to, and immediately after, Mass...

Our only consolation: most of these idiots perpetrating this nonsense are getting old, and they'll die off soon. My singular lack of consolation in that is, unfortunately, that I'm their age!

Moral of the story: from now on when I travel, I'm looking up churches on the internet who have a traditional Latin mass, rather than simply looking up "Catholic Churches" and Mass times. That's the most tragic result of all.