Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Rome/Malta Nov 9-22...

... I have received a few emails inquiring about the pilgrimage trip I am coordinating. I am pleased to say that the itinerary has been made and I should be receiving pricing details this week. In the meantime, for those serious inquirers, I wanted to post the details thus far and the agency contact information should you need additional assistance. Of course, you are free to contact me directly I will happily answer your questions [the_crescat@yahoo.com].

Day 1,(Nov 9th) Flight to Rome (overnight flight)
Day 2,(Nov 10th)Arrival in Rome. Transfer to Hotel
Day 3,(Nov 11th)Rome
Day 4,(Nov 12th)Rome
Day 5,(Nov 13th)Rome
Day 6,(Nov 14th)Leave Rome via Bus to Assisi/Florence. To Hotel
Day 7,(Nov 15th)Florence
Day 8,(Nov 16th)Leave Florence-Loreto(Holy House).Hotel
Day 9,(Nov 17th)Leave Loreto.Stop in Ortona,Lanciano.to Foggia.Hotel
Day 10,(Nov 18th)Tour San Giovanni Rotunda & Mount Gargano
Day 11,(Nov 19th)Leave Foggia.stop in Manoppello.To Rome FCO flight to Malta.
*Arriving in Malta At 10:20pm.transfer to hotel
Day 12,(Nov 20th)Malta
Day 13,(Nov 21st)Malta
Day 14,(Nov 22nd)Flight Home (Departs at 12:50Pm)

Hood Travel
Bob & Peggy Hood


Robert said...

Well I'm seriously interested but the go/no-go decision will hinge on the price.

The Crescat said...

I am hoping to have the price in the next day or so.

PaxetBonum said...

Kat- I'm guessing your agency is pricing your trip in dollars. The Euro is currently holding at about $1.22/E, but it may start to fall again if Greece goes belly up or if other EU countries start to own up to financial difficulties. See if your agency is willing to pass exchange rate savings on to you if the Euro declines significantly before your trip goes in November.

Gregory said...

r u taking the boy?

nazareth priest said...

I would SOOOO love to come on this pilgrimage; my prayers must replace me, I'm afraid.
Sounds wonderful.

Smiley said...


Price please, my inlaws are planning on a cruise of europe, my MIL is interested in Rome i might be able to sway the decision.

email me ok

The Crescat said...

Hi Smiley,

The price is still being worked out, but you can email Hood Travel directly in the info provided in the post and let them know you are interested.

Linda said...

Wow, wish I could!