Monday, July 26, 2010

a growing online presence...

... I absolutely love how religious communities, priest and seminarians have taken to blogging. It gives us a chance to peak inside their lives. It also provides me with the rare opportunity to actually see habits... one doesn't get to those too often in these parts. Sort of recalls to mind this little game.

With each new online addition is the chance for a seed to be planted and spring forth a new vocation. With that, let me bring to your attention a new blog by the Poor Clares of Perpatual Adoration at the Our Lady of Angels Monastery.

Photo from Image & Likeness Blog.

Please support this community by visiting their blog and offering comments of encouragement and praise. Thanks to The Anchoress for posting the link where I learned of the new blog.


Anonymous said...

Is that a pie? Nuns + pie = <3

Old Bob said...

Pie are round.

Janny said...

Is that pie-bearing nun wearing lipstick? It looks like it!

If not, we should all hire that photographer...

Hmmm, I love to bake pies, and I love Eucharistic Adoration. Maybe I missed my calling! :-)


belinda said...

Thanks for the plug Miss Kat. That was very sweet of you.

I looked at my site meter which usually hits about 35 people total for a day and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw 140 people had stopped by.

My hands got all sweaty and my throat became dry. Say do you have any medication for social anxiety?! ;)

I love nuns.

When I was about 5 I saw a nun walking on the sidewalk across from my home and I told my mother I was going to be like her and mom laughed at me and said,"Your not even Catholic!"

I did become Catholic- and later on at the age of 64 so did my mom and dad.

Nuns wearing habits convert souls.