Thursday, July 01, 2010

happy saints...

... a very close acquaintance recently remarked that he never liked Catholics because, according to him, we mourn our faith. Yeah... we really look the part.

Padre Pio, pray for the conversion of non-Catholics.


Shark Bait said...

Yes. But we're allowed to smile on Friday as well.


Angela M. said...

Love that photo! St. Gianna also comes to mind - she simply radiates love and goodness.

Rick said...

Great point. Some Catholics look like they've been baptised with vinegar because they are not be aware of the place of joy and cheerfulness in our lives or they voted for Obama. St. Teresa of Avila, prayed to God to 'deliver us from sour-faced saints,'.
St. Francis de Sales, said that a 'sad saint is a sad sort of saint.' And St. Dominic Savio, coaches the new kids in St. John Bosco's oratory by saying
'Here, we make holiness consist of always remaining cheerful.'

More at

Just another mad Catholic said...

Good to know that there is SOME rejoicing in our Religion :) funnily enough Kat nietchze said something similar to your friend about Christians

Sancta Camerinus said...

Has he seen the Pope?

He is one big smile! :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing is more mysterious
Than the Soul At War With itself
and no peace is more miraculous
Than The Heart than finds love
For a Place of peace
and a moment of grace with you
I would dwell forever in,
a house of fools

call me a ecumenical joker yo

G said...

I absolutely love this picture and Padre Pio is my favorite saint. Here is a man in constant pain from the stigmata and yet his smile is so genuine and radiant. Thank you so much for posting this!

Dr. Eric said...

St. Pio had ear hair, I love it! I am pondering how human he was and yet so close to The Divine while on this earth.

St. Pio, pray for me, your devoted son!

I found this adorable picture of one of the friars combing St. Pio's hair:

A recording of St. Pio praying the Angelus:

s-p said...

Catholics look like 5 year olds at a Chucky Cheese birthday party compared to Russian Orthodox. :)

Lola said...

I get joyful just looking at our good Padre Pio smilin'.


Terry Nelson said...

Two of my favorite saint photos are of Pier Giorgio Frassati - one where he is definitely laughing out loud with a cigarette in his hand, the other toasting his friends wearing a party hat and booze bottles spread all over the table.

Anonymous said...

Another happy saint I know is St. John Bosco.

Christopher Lake said...

Hmm, maybe Padre was praying for me, a just-returned Catholic revert and formerly anti-Catholic Reformed Bpatist? I smile a good bit-- in photos, almost all the time, if I could only keep my eyes open when the camera flashes!!! :-)!/people/Christopher-Lake/1627371775

Christopher Lake said...

Ahem, that should have been *Baptist* ("Bpatist" sounds like some esoteric cult)!