Thursday, July 15, 2010

things that make me smile...

... identifying my own by the rosary hanging from a car rear view mirror.

Yea, yea. I know all about the Mexican gangs.


Faith said...

How can you use it when it's there?

Tim said...

What is the association with Mexican gangs? Some of us don't know.

I always thought a rosary was too big to hang from the rear view mirror (and also not the best use) so I made what I call a prayer pebble, which is supposed to be like the pebble some religious were said to have put in their shoes to act as a reminder to always pray. Basically it is a length of twine or thread with a small bead on one end and a cross on the other. It can easily be wrapped over and secured to the mirror and isn't too long or distracting when driving. One day I'll start making more and sell them on Etsy. Until then feel free to make your own.

Christopher Lake said...

That's the problem here in New Mexico. It can be hard for me, especially as a "transplant," to tell-- gang member or pious Catholic? Some strange, would-be amalgamation of both?

Anonymous said...

Can't fool us, Kat. Kidnapping plots (of Swiss Guardsmen), possession of controlled substances (holy water) and gang signs (of the Cross)... you're part of the Pious Catholic Posse.

Tim said...

The PCP exists!

Pablo said...

When my Rosary clangs against my dashboard I am reminded to petition heaven for those that are most in need of God's mercy, to remember our Priests and Nuns, living and dead, and to remember those in my Rosary petitions and supplications.

Yes, this is a constant reminder. It constantly reminds me to remember I will one day be constantly dead, and will not be able to be bothered with constant reminders.

Good on you for hanging your Rosary where others may also see it.

I asked a young boy in Kansas the other day if he knew how to pray the Rosary he had on around his neck. He responded that he would love to know how to pray it. He probably had seen the one hanging in your car and decided to hang one around his neck.

I gave him a Cd of the Holy Rosary I had downloaded from a web site for free.

I have noticed your constant evangelization, even down to trying to get the Swiss Guards to marry a Catholic girl. You.

Good way to evangelize.


laurazim said...

We have a Rosary around the mirror in our gigantic van, and I find it QUITE useful. Most trips in the van are driven by my husband, with me in the passenger seat. I remove the Rosary, lead the family in prayer, and replace the Rosary. If I kept it anywhere else, it would be lost in the shuffle of stuff.

Being the only one in the car doesn't preclude one from using a Rosary kept on the mirror, either--it can be a visual reminder, or can be taken up when stalled in traffic, or waiting in line at the bank, etc.

Way to go, Kat! :)

Janny said...

I find it an excellent reminder to keep praying, even--especially?--behind the wheel of a car!

And Mexican gangs be hanged. There's more of us than there are of them. If we all put rosaries on our rearview mirrors, we'll form a powerful witness to be reckoned with. Maybe someone will even start to question whether using a rosary is really the kind of thing one wants as a gang sign...

...which can only be a good thing, either way.

I'm with you, Kat. I love seeing it.