Tuesday, July 20, 2010


... can some one please explain to me what happened to Dan Lacey? He went from Faith Mouse to pancake portraits to this.

You'll just have to follow the link for this installment of shitty art... even I have my limits to what I will publish here.


Anita Moore said...

Truly awful. Even worse than black velvet Jesus and Elvis.

Rick said...

Wearing a MJ glove? At least, it's kinda of spiritual - taking the person after death. It can guess worse and I wouldn't even try to be funny by speculating how.

Old Bob said...

I haven't the faintest idea who the guy is, what merit there is in his "art," or what any of the comments mean. And I think I'm better off not knowing!

Terry Nelson said...

For once I'm with Old Bob - who? what? why? Never heard of the guy. Whatever that was I'm sure it had to be satire, right?

Adoro said...

I've met Dan Lacey, and during a time of transition between Faith and, well...where he went next.

He actually gave me some of the best advice I've ever gotten as a blogger.

I didn't follow his blog only for logistical reasons; my dialup loaded his page so slowly that I had to make a choice, and that meant no art blogs.

But I've always thought of him fondly.

Maybe you should email him and ask him to explain his work, what he's doing and why.

That doesn't mean I'm a fan of this thing, but rather, that it might help in understanding why he painted it.

After all, many artists aren't going for what's beautiful or pleasing to the eye, but rather, what hits the heart and draws one into asking deeper questions.

This is just as true for a Christian artist as it is for the average relativistic "anything goes" artist.

The difference is simple; for a Christian artist, the art points to something meaningful.

Give Faithmouse a chance to defend his work before you judge it. And know that he'll welcome your judgement, whatever it may entail.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

Words don't fail me. That's sacrilegious. I don't see much need for dissecting or analyzing it. Enough said... moving on.

Dan Lacey said...

The question is answered. See above.

The Crescat said...

No doubt Mr. Lacey you are talented, judging from your past work. I was a fan of Faith Mouse for quite some time, till it got odd and risque.

Adoro, I appreciate the comment. But c'mon... I don't need an artist's defense to judge what is good or of a sacreligious nature.

I am curious... why pancakes? That I must know.