Friday, August 13, 2010

day four...

... have I ever mentioned how much I hate August. It's too damn hot and it's just a painful month. Everything irritates me. And I don't like this novena. It's too hard. And I keep having these weird dreams because I pray it right before I go to bed. And really bizarre stuff is starting to happen. I'm scared. Hold me. Literally... Lord, hold me.


nazareth priest said...

We're havin' a BRUTAL August in WI this year...might as well be in the South!
All the "inmates" here are crabby and sick...oh, God, give me patience!
But the Rosary Novena you are doing is very efficacious; I absolutely believe in it; have seen it's wonders.
Just keep on, keepin' on.
Get out that holy water and tell Satan to "get back to hell" (a favorite line of a now deceased, very devout old, crabby German lady I knew and had her Requiem Mass and Burial in the Traditional Rites)...God rest her stubborn, cantankerous, German soul:<)!

Theocoid said...

Hang on! If you're struggling, that's a sign of progress, not of stagnation. You're in my prayers.

3puddytats said...

I don't mind the summer so much because I can at least drink something cool and cool I guess I'm lucky with an inside job where the A/C is so cold I have to have a sweater on all day..

what I am dreading is that probably in 6 weeks or less we'll probably have our first frost...snow by mid-end of October..then six months of damn cold WINTER...although this past year winter lingered clear into June..

I Heart summer :)


Minkykat said...

What ARE you praying?
I have not had dreams in so long. Maybe I should pick a novena and pray it before bed too if only to get some dreams happening.
Seriously, when you say strange things are happening, what do you mean?
Email me in private if you like, I am intrigued.

Anonymous said...

Dad called from Asheville at 7:10 this morning, and said it was already over 90.

I had to disappoint him by letting him know it was in the 60's here in PA. It didn't get above 72 all day.

Serves him right, the carpetbagger.

nazareth priest said...

3puddydats: If only I had your job with A/C that made me put on a sweater!!
I'm sweating (changing my underclothes twice a day); of course with a habit (although cotton)'s hotter, but good WI??
It's a curse, I tell you!!

G said...

Well, I have all y'all beat bc I live in Memphis & the heat index is 117 right now. AC just can't keep up with it. Second hottest summer on record ask me why I hate summer!

K, one thing I love about this blog is your honesty. God likes it too. Even though I read thru alot of blogs every wk, I find myself praying for you. I too have a dismal novena record. The only one I"ve ever been able to do successfully is the one to the Little Flower where you say 24 Glory Be's (one for each yr of her life). I guess I can do that bc I don't have to read it, I can say it in the car while I'm driving or something.

I also want to say that its really not being "bullheaded vs. trusting" as you said in an earlier post. I think God knows what he's got in each of us! My big consolation are saints like Catherine of Siena, St Rita, Teresa of Avila & even Mother Teresa. These women all trusted God but none of them were wimps. I am sure you'd agree that even Blessed Mother stood her ground WHILE she was trusting...with Gabriel, at Cana, on Golgotha. So just say what Brother Lawrence said, "God, you know very well if you don' t change me, I won't ever change so its up to you." Period.

nazareth priest said...

"G": you are a definite "mulier fortis"...the biblical woman of steel faith, absolute fortitude, and bitchin' resolve...God bless you and all of you like her!! I mean it!
The Church would not, I mean WOULD NOT exist with y'all.
Apostolic succession is a gift from the Lord for the weak-kneed likes of men, of which, I, unfortunately, belong to...I have a "mulier fortis" mamma...she rocks...Anglo/Irish...tough as nails...praise Jesus!
Why do the femi-nazis think women are "second class citizens"...without women, we'd be absolutely lost!

nazareth priest said...

That should have read "The Church would not, I mean WOULD NOT have existed without y'all".

The Crescat said...

G... thank you.

Minky... the 54 day rosary novena.