Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm against it...

... Terry tagged me in a meme of sorts, but if you ask me it just looks like another excuse for Mr. Nelson to rant and rave. He's terribly moody off his meds. So I will play along to avoid his wrath.

Things I am against...

People who go on and on about the invalidity of the Novus Ordo mass. People who use Foursquare; I seriously do not give a shit where you checked in for lunch or where you are stopping to get gas. Narcissists! Memes; I don't even take myself seriously why should anyone else care what I think. Feminism; do I really need to explain why? Pro-life supporters who use graphic images of aborted babies to make a point. And bumper stickers. Oh, and people who spread negativity.

I'm against it all.


Michael said...

Um... is there a point to pro-life arguments other than the awful reality shown in those pictures? The truth is in those pictures.

The Crescat said...

I feel it makes a more profound impact to show fetal development photos of babies in utero.

I think if women can see that what precious life they carry within, even at the earliest stages of gestation, would do more to turn hearts than grisly images that makes people turn away from the truth.

This is why PP fights so hard to prevent women from seeing ultrasound photos... they KNOW it will make a woman stop to re-consider her decision.

Michael said...

Wow. What a male-female dichotomy. I just do not see it your way. As a physician and father of 8 beautiful children, I have to admit that the ultrasounds were pretty unimpressive. The reality is what is left in the clinic bucket . Great blog.

Terry Nelson said...

Oh my!

3puddytats said...

I agree with Kat re the baby parts photos...

What works better is pictures of sweet darling babies with a caption somewhat along the lines " My mommie gave me a chance."

I have two adoptive cousins whose mommies gave them a is a doctor and another is a opera singer..

P.S. I'm against those mindless folks who have no ^&*( clue what to do at a four-way stop...

LarryD said...

I looked at that Foursquare - lame.

Robert said...

Crescat, I immediately thought of this poem when I read this post. Hope you enjoy. (An enueg/enuig is a poem of complaint or vexation.)

by Sarah Skwire

I hate wet feet
and well-done beef
hypocrisy, conceit.
I hate cold rain
and unearned fame
headaches, fever, pain.
I hate bad dreams
diminished means
and paranoiac schemes.
I hate clichés
the Roman Plays
all-you-can-eat buffets.
I hate pretension
blind convention
need I even mention
false contrition
salesmen on commissions
T.V. preachers
inept teachers
many-legged creatures.
And jello molds
and summer colds
viragoes, nags, and scolds
and income tax
and unjust acts
ad hominem attacks
and egoists
and narcissists
and also endless lists.