Sunday, August 15, 2010

too extreme...

... for those who thought the necessity of the Eucharistic Bouncer was too extreme; perhaps St. Tarcisius would disagree.

The twelve year old martyr killed while protecting the Blessed Sacrament.


Minkykat said...

Don't know of too many 12 year olds, let alone adults who would do that today.

Pablo said...

Whenever you protect and defend a Priest, you protect the Blessed Sacrament.

Miss Minkycat's comment reminds me of the video of the Priest that was arrested at Notre Dame and not a single man raised his fist to prevent it.

There are some of us that stay close to Priests that people wishing to harm them change their minds.

We just keep a low profile.


Smiley said...

I Love italian marble work. Look at the detail its almost life like. Ah nossa

Just another mad Catholic said...

Lord Jesus let not my partaking of this Sacrament be my condemnation but a remedy unto Eternal Life