Thursday, September 23, 2010

discernment ...

... the response to this post was very surprising to me. Apparently there are quite a few of you in a period of discernment. I will try to respond to every one's email inquiry as time permits but I think it should be known that I am no spiritual director and hold no authority over matters of faith. Because the religious life tends to be surrounded by a veil of mystery it is only natural to be curious.

I strongly recommend speaking to a qualified spiritual director, visiting communities, or simply writing to them directly. Also, I have heard this is an excellent online resource.


Rick said...

Here's a personal sharing about discernment in the seminary.

Don't let the title turn you off as semen means seed in Latin.

Owen said...

You might just be the next Flannery O'Connor eh

Rick said...

It's heart warming to see how many actually went to my link. God's spirit must be working overtime these days to counteract the Democrats and the Muslims work of destroying souls.

I concur with Kat about having a spiritual director. All the spiritual masters recommend that first and foremost.

Then if you all want a classical reference for this, you may check out St. Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises where he dedicates an entire chapter on the rules of discernment.

Rick said...

Here's another post about the vow of chastity which is an embodiment of that spiritual romance or charity that makes people live for God alone.

Pablo said...

Miss Crescat,

How about a word for these Madres:

They are beautiful souls.

Please list them also.

They are faithful to their Spouse.

God be with you.


nazareth priest said...

My advice (for what it's worth):
don't be afraid to follow your heart's desire;
don't be too willing to rationalize why something might not be "for you";
allow yourself to be "smitten by the Lord" and don't over obsess upon your "talents" or "vices";
and, when visiting a community,
let yourself be loved and love those there who give themselves to you in Christ's love;
if you're "at home" there, don't be afraid...
let it happen.

Owen said...

This is wise & beautiful advice and though I am now long into my vocation I will add these thoughts as a prayer within my praying of the LOTH for deepening in my vocation as well as regards particular direction per other significant aspects of my life

And I will ask it on behalf of those discerning their vocation which so many Catholics forget includes discerning the vocation of the married state just as much as it means to the priesthood and religious life

rosie said...

Another good resource: