Thursday, September 16, 2010

oh no...

... I enable the homeless and I think trads can be cultish. Oh no, Maybe I am the one who's the heretic!


Baron Korf said...

I'll get the marshmallows! That is after they untie me, this is not what I thought when I was promised a steak.

Cruise the Groove. said...

Webster defines "cult" as:
Definition of CULT
1: formal religious veneration : worship
2: a system of religious beliefs and ritual; also : its body of adherents.

Sounds awfully Catholic to me.

Pope Benedict XVI in his great book"The Spirit of the Liturgy", uses the term "cult" quite often when describing various aspects of normal Catholic life, for instance Marian devotion and devotions to saints.

Mitch said...

and you post stuff positive about the east... you might be a closet apostate too... ;-)

Mitch said...

Christian East that is

Adoro said...

Cruise the Groove ~ Yes, of course, but there is a different definition of "Cult" that perhaps Crescat could use and that would be "dangerous cult" That's a very different thing!

I remember being very confused growing up as I knew that "cults" were bad, but then I came across a Catholic resource talking about the "cult of the Blessed Virgin Mary" and the "cult of Saint this or that". I thought they were all false religions and Mom was flummoxed as to how to explain to me the difference!

Um...I know it now. :-) I grew up and have become acquainted with a true cult mentality and well, that extreme and evil and soul-killing modern understanding of the word "cult" in parlance outside of Pope Benedict's holy works does, in fact, describe certain extremist factions within the Church.

Sad to say. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I prefer popping corn over the open flames, but to each his own.

Don't feel too bad. I was criticized for how I say the Rosary. A lady of my acquaintance ABHORS the Luminous Mysteries because it's a new-fangled innovation. I admitted to her that I never learned the Fatima Prayer that everyone around here uses. My great-grandparents didn't know it because it was NEW! and IMPROVED! - and so they never passed it on to their family.

I, for my part, want to set my fellow Catholics on fire for not reading the Bible (or at the very least, paying close attention to the readings at Mass). I've had discussions with my friends and neighbors about Catholicism, and could at least explain where we get our "crazy" ideas about the truth of the Eucharist, praying for the dead, and celibacy as a priestly discipline. The saddest thing I was ever told was "You're not like any Catholic I've ever met. You know the Bible." And I can't memorize chapter and verse numbers.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add: I got my worst grade EVER in college when I wrote a paper with the thesis that the Marian Cults were positive, rather than negative, expressions of faith. I spent a week reading 10 sources and wrote it over the course of three days. My night-before classmates received high grades for perusing encyclopedias. I got a D- and an icy attitude from then on from the teaching assistant who led our discussion group.

Anonymous said...

I spent a week reading 10 sources and wrote it over the course of three days.

And I bet it was better than 95% of the garbage that teachers routinely see. My wife was a professor and gave one paper a B+. The student came in and in a non-confrontational manner asked, "What needs to be different to make this paper an A?"

Students really ought to do things like this. A fair-minded professor will appreciate your interest. And if you did everything that was asked of you and more for the assignment but still got a bad grade from a teacher with an axe to grind, it will give you grounds for appeal to the department head.

Christopher Lake said...

I've had a little back-and-forth, for the past few days, on the Ignatius Press blog, with a die-hard traditionalist who has recently begun saying that he rejects any teachings in the Catechism which are, in his words, "Vatican II innovations" (such as, in his understanding, #841, on the relationship of the Church to Muslims).

He thinks that I am being "suicidally ecumenical" for not wanting to purge America of *all* practice of Islam. My simple question to him (at least, it seems simple to me) is, are we, as the laity, the ones who decide what is "authoritative teaching" in the Catechism and what is not? (I do believe that Muslims should be evangelized, as the Catechism teaches.)

On the Mass: I currently attend a parish with a reverent N.O. Mass and am blessed and recognize my situation as such.

However, I know that some traditionalists would never be happy with this Mass-- first of all, simply because it *is* N.O., and second, because not everyone in the parish dresses modestly or has the "reverent" attitude that strong traditionalists want everyone to have regarding the Eucharist (I agree with them, and in a perfect world, which this is not...). The bottom line for me, here, is, I need to be caring much more about *my own* attitude to the Mass in general, and to the Eucharist in particular, than to other peoples' attitudes around me.

Smiley said...

Hows the retreat Kat :)

We need to evangelize Muslims.I think sometimes we Christians forget that Christ died for all. We really need to get that right ALL.

I dont get Catholics who don't know their bible, If one attends mass for 3 years, one has heard the bible. Fine you may not be able to quote verses, but you will still be able to tell other Christians why we do what we do and defend the faith as well.

I really really dont get Catholics who can recite the creed but do not know the 12 articles of faith in the creed. What then are you reciting? And if you do not agree with what you are reciting, then there is really a basic problem.

Christopher Lake said...

Smiley, I hear you and agree on all counts. Too many Catholics seemingly tune out during Mass. It would have been pretty hard to tune out this morning, when, during our priest's homily, he *strongly* exhorted us to take our faith seriously, as Christ died to redeem us from our sins! I love Father Voorhies!

nazareth priest said...


Pablo said...

You cannot be a Heretic unless you have committed a mortal sin.

You may committ a material heresy if you were unaware of the nature of your actions.

A well known Bishop here in America is against the death penalty; that goes counter to the techings of Holy Mother Church. It is a heresy.

Is he a Heretic? No.

He went to a modernist Seminary and wasn't taught any better.

I find many Trads to be more Gnostic than cultish.