Thursday, October 07, 2010

Battle of Lepanto...

... by Paolo Veronese. [source]


Anonymous said...

My priest told us this story last Sunday at Mass. He asked us to pray for the conversion of Muslims.

Rick said...

Battle Summary:

In 1571, the Christian powers in the Mediterranean assembled a large fleet to confront the growing menace of the Muslim Empire. Assembling at Messina, Sicily in July and August, the Christian force was led by Don John of Austria and contained vessels from Venice, Spain, the Papal States, Genoa, Savoy, and Malta. Sailing under the banner of the Holy League, Don John's fleet consisted of 206 galleys and 6 gallasses (large galleys that mounted artillery). Rowing east, they encountered the Ottoman fleet of Ali Pasha off Greece in the Gulf of Patras.

Interesting reflection about our Lady & the Muslims: