Wednesday, October 13, 2010

h/t to The IC.


nazareth priest said...

O sweet baby Jesus...I just about wet myself watching this...the stories I could tell about Nuns vs Nuns...!!!

Kathi said...


Thank you to our 16-year-old son who made me take the 2.5 minutes to watch it.

3puddytats said...

Either one of them could have been the Charge Nurse in the hospital in the 70's where I volunteered as a candy striper as a teenager..I could never make beds good enough...she had a tongue made of pure acid and we dreaded hearing the tap tap tap of her nursing shoes..

But BOY I sure could make a bed in Basic Training!!


Just another mad Catholic said...

This is absolutely hillarious, just don't put in a vocations brochure!!and make sure that every Priest within 30 miles is safe in his rectory !