Friday, October 29, 2010

not just for decoration...

... October was the month of the rosary and I posted asking readers to send me photos and stories of their rosaries or share them on their own blogs. Readers have sent me everything from intricate heirloom rosaries to simple knotted rosaries. The stories that accompanied each were touching, some funny, but all expressed a genuine love and attachment to their rosaries.

However, it is what Paul Cat had to say about his rosary that made the most profound impression.

"There's no special story about it. No one important or special gave this particular rosary to me. It's not blessed by the Pope. I didn't take it on a trip with me. It didn't help me find my vocation. The only real story is that I have a rosary ring, and I use it."


MIke said...

Mother and Virgin ... Pray for us

Canticles 4:7 > "There is not a spot in thee."
Wisdom 7:26 > "She is the ... unspotted mirror of God's majesty."
Psalm 45:5 > "The most High hath sanctified His own tabernacle."

What saves your soul - Heresy or Catholic Dogma ?

1. Can the Ex-Cathedra Dogma from 20 Catholic Councils be rejected and ignored by the meeting known as the “Vatican-2 council” ? There are over 200 heresies against Dogma in the V-2 documents.

No it can’t …
Section 12 of

2. Can you get your own soul to Heaven if you don’t know and believe the Ex-Cathedra Dogma of the Catholic Church ?

No you can’t …
Sections 5.1 and 9 of

3. Have you ever seen the Catholic Ex-Cathedra Dogma on automatic excommunication for heresy, ignorance of the Dogma, or for physical participation in a heretical society?

No you haven’t …
Section 13.2 of

4. Have you ever seen the De Fide Catholic Dogma that you must believe to get to Heaven ?

No you haven’t …
Section 3 of

5. Does the Vatican-2 heretic cult, founded in 1965 at the Vatican, have the Office of the Papacy ?

No only the Catholic Church has the Papacy …
Section 13.4 of

6. Does the Catholic writing of Saint Matthew 16:18, the “Gates of Hell” scripture, mean that the Papacy may not fall vacant because of heresy ?

No … the Church defined the “Gates of Hell” as … heresy not prevailing against the Dogma …
Section 13.3 of

7. Is there Catholic Dogma on how to re-enter the Catholic Church after automatic excommunication for heresy or for physical participation in a heretical society such as the vatican-2 or sspx cults?

Yes there is …
Section 19.1 of

8. Can you get to Heaven as a participant in a heretical society which rejects even a single Catholic Dogma … “worshiping” - for example - the “vatican-2 god” or the “sspx god” in their meeting halls ?

No you can’t …
Sections 13.2, 88, 90, 99, and 105 of

9. Was the “Vatican-2 council” of apostasy set up well before 1962 ?

Yes it was …
Sections 20, 20.1, and 20.2 of

10. Is there salvation outside of the Catholic Church and … is one in the Catholic Church if he rejects even a single Dogma of the Church ?

No and no …
Sections 1, 2, 5, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 7, 7.2, 8, and 9 of

Suburbanbanshee said...

Wow, Crescat. You must be popular, if you're getting sedevacantist spam.

Augustina said...

Crescat, do you collect rosaries?

Just wondering,..I do collect them and also rosary parts.

I have been making rosaries for several years, with several hundred missionary rosaries which have been sent to different countries.

Terry Nelson said...

I got a sede email from the same person... I thought it was someone I know - but maybe not. As Oona O'Neil - (the actress who played the housekeeper in the original Invisible Man) - always said: "It takes all kinds to make up a world.