Friday, November 19, 2010

... visit St. Michael's Abbey site for more information.


Philomena Ewing said...

How come those white robes out in the field stay so white after a day's work ?

Pablo said...

One name for this post could be;

"We're not in the Novus Ordo anymore, Toto!"

Traditional Catholic Priests and Nuns stay amazingly clean by virtue of He for whom they work.

Did you notice their new building is to be Catholic, and not Freemason Novus Ordo spaceship architechture?


Pablo said...

I've been considering revamping my blog, but you and others like Mr. Terry Nelson and Vincenzo are leaving me eating your dust.

You all have great blogs, and I am edified and thoroughly enjoy reading them.

God be with you.


3puddytats said...

Philomena--haha :)

I am the same way..I can't even move from one room to the next in white without it getting dirty :)

Growing up my next door neighbor could mow his front lawn in white pants...go figure..


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this. :)

Nod said...

That video is extremely well done indeed. I'm actually impressed.

Pablo said...

Add this to your video list from Creative Minority Report:


Minkykat said...

I have been thinking of joining the 3rd order for this group. They are a great bunch of priests, swell bunch of good men of God.

Just another mad Catholic said...

I've been talking to the vocation director for these guys; IF my prayers are answered and I get a job to pay off my student loan then these guys are joint #2 on my preference list (ok so I'm only really interested in 3 places but what the heck).