Monday, December 06, 2010

stupid things on any given day...

... taking 2 Tylenol PM this morning mistaking it for regular aspirin, then muddling about the day in a zombie like stupor, dashing all my plans of operating heavy machinery.

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Julie said...

I once took our basset hound's antihistamine instead of my thyroid medicine before leaving for work.(Both of the bottles had been sitting side-by-side on the counter.)
At the time, I had a job watering tropical plants in office buildings around Baltimore--a "horticultural technician", if you will.
Halfway through the morning I was gripped by an insatiable thirst so intense that I simply could not drink enough water. As soon as I got off the elevator of every floor of every building I visited that day, I'd drop my watering cans and make a bee-line to the nearest fountain where I'd drink huge gulps to no avail. I might just as well have been pouring it on my head. My mouth felt like it'd been stuffed with cotton balls.
This effect lasted eight hours.