Friday, May 06, 2011

nod of the hat...

... I met some terribly clever and insight fellow Catholic's during my stay in Rome. Please allow me, over the course of the next week, to introduce them to you.

Paul Smeaton of "Smeaton's Corner" is trying to raise money for his parish to have a proper choir. He proposed riding a bike 50 miles wearing a clown suit for the reparation of liturgical abuses. I think this is a smashing idea. Other's disagree. What do you think?

Next meet Mary O'Reagan of "Path Less Taken" who is a champion for the unborn.

Stop by their blogs some time. Tell them I said "Hi".


therese rita said...

Since I've only been blogging for six months, I'm not an expert...but I have been amazed at the innovative, informative & even fun Catholic blogs that I had no idea of before I put mine up! Really cool.

jorge calderon said...

Pablo Smeaton, si es sacerdote que se ponga la sotana y salga a mendigar predicando el evangelio, un buen mendigo puede conseguir mucho más que un payaso y más si sale a evangelizar como hacía Nuestro Señor, hoy todos piensan en hacer estupideces y no lo que siempre hizo la Santa Iglesia católica de Cristo. un saludo en Cristo Jorge