Friday, May 20, 2011

what's on your post apocalyptic shopping list...

... I figured I wouldn't waste my time looting the electronic equipment and big screen TV's; too heavy and will we even have electricity? And currency? You'd be better off stealing jewelry and gold. You see, I've given this serious consideration.

Things I will loot include; liquor, firearms and ammo.

Why is my list so short? Because I can only carry so much. Why burden myself if I need to make a speedy get away? The above items are all encompassing; they can be traded and used for barter for any other future supplies I may need.

So... what's on your looting shopping list?


Maryjohn said...

Cigarettes, energy bars, and a horse.

The cigs for barter, and the energy bars and horse for me.

What are you packing? Bible? Lingerie? Hiking boots?

Old Bob said...

Cigarettes, little cigars, gold and silver, gun and ammo, food, pit bull.

BurgoFitzgerald said...

I am giving all of my loved ones the following book:

Be Ready When the Sh*t Goes Down: A Survival Guide to the Apocalypse by Forrest Griffin

It changed my life, and according to this book, my loved ones, being my loved ones, should not expect me to save them.

I don't go ANYWHERE without this book.

Ellyn said...

Double A batteries? Quality chocolate? And lots of ammo - I did a little shooting last weekend after about a thirty year aim was not what one could call precise. (Though my daughters liked my form. Which has been fully informed by years of dubious cop show TV)

The Crescat said...

oooo cigarettes and a horse... Good choices! And batteries too! Both small to carry in large quantities and the horse, for you know.

A dog like a German Shepard would come in handy too.

Frank said...

With your short list, everything else will come easy. ;-D

Julie said...

Synthroid. Without my thyroid medication I'm like a wind-up alarm clock with a broken key.
Coffee. There are certain members of my family who are intolerable when deprived of it.
Dog food. I'm not worried about the cats. The cats will be just fine.

Owen said...

Sunblock UV666

Word Verification: "greeze"

Anthony S. Layne said...

@ Julie: Good point. Okay, first on the list — raid Walgreen's, CVS and every in-store pharmacy I can. A couple of my prescriptions aren't cheap, and who knows how long they'll be around? Then food, booze, guns & ammo, water purifier and horse. And plenty of Marlboros.

Jane said...

We've got the guns already, and have little need for liquor ourselves. More ammo is always a good thing. We have a dog, not a big scary breed, but with sharp teeth and a violent hatred of strange men--quite enough to scare off anyone who's unarmed. So, probably our list would be ammo, prescriptions for hubby and dog, food, batteries. A battery-operated fan, for sure, as it's starting to get hot 'round here.

Just another mad Catholic said...

cool vestments

Cruise the Groove. said...

Heeee Hawwww
Its Saturday May 21 sat 1pm 2011 and nothing happened!

Tarnation, and I burned all my Jack Chick tracts, Oh well

I guess I can go back to ingnoring what Christ really said now.

On a serious note,
At least I went to confession yesteday though.

I guess

Owen said...

The hour of power is 6pm May 21 2011 your time, where ever you are, so don't go getting smug just yet dear Cruise the Groove.

Owen said...

P.S. Dear Cruise the Groove, on an unrelated note I see on your profile that your favorite books list as "whatever Christ wrote." Not much of a reader then I take it.

Cruise the Groove. said...

"Not much of a reader then I take it."
Bad joke.
I am taking my cue from Aquinas when he said referring to his works "All is as straw"

I shall get back to you at 6pm EST about the "pre-millenial" rapture.

Cruise the Groove. said...

"Bad joke."
I mean bad joke on my part.

Cruise the Groove. said...

Speaking about the "rapture"
Here is a short video about:

"How many will be Saved"

deusnobiscum said...

whiskey, coke, kit kat bars, and gasoline

I'm bringing my Bible, Catechism, and Rosary and I'm going to tour America.

Big Fan said...

Things to barter with, one on my list is wooden matches. I'm also trying to figure out whether one can make vodka out of instant potatoes... just thinking outloud :)