Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Day 3 cont...

... We left off with your blog author traipsing all about Rome. It's dusk now and at this point and I decided to take a few photos of all the pilgrims getting settled in for the Beatification the following morning. Heading back down the Via Conciliazione toward the square the atmosphere was electric. It was a huge street party.

I was privileged to spend part of my evening with these fine gentleman from the Institute of the Incarnate Word in Segui, Rome.

Patriotic national anthems filled the air, excited laughter, and smells. Oh, the smells. Sweating filthy pilgrims. God bless 'em.

I am well passed the age of sleeping in the street. There was nothing at all appealing about sleeping here when I had a cushy bed in a cozy flat just a quick train ride away. I know! I make a terrible pilgrim.

Day 3 was exhausting but I savored every minute. I also learned that I love traveling alone. Admittedly, I as a sat buzzed on nervous adrenaline during the flight over, I was more than a little freaked at the thought of visiting a foreign city alone and not knowing the language. I would be staying with some one I only knew through blog writings... and that "some one" being Hilary White intimidated me immensely. What if she hated me or worse, made me cry?

Traveling alone freed me to go where I wanted and linger for hours on end. I never dined alone and made instant friends with mutual travelers. I even met a woman from my church at Torre Argentina. The world just a got a little smaller. When people found out I was traveling alone the reaction was always the same, "Bravo!".

Bravo, indeed.


Cliff said...

To think, I had almost gone but the only way that was happening was if I was sleeping outside. Now I wish I had gone, looks somewhat "safe".

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

I was completely weirded out once when I went to the March for Life in Washington and there met a bunch of people who go to my parish in Rome.

And it's "well past the age". "Passed" is the past tense (heh) of the verb "to pass". You want an adjective, not a verb, there which is "past". Or you could say, "I have passed the age..."

Anonymous said...
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