Monday, June 27, 2011

effortless Catholicism...

... do you know some one who prefers to attend a congregation centered parish? You know, those churches where every one wears flip flops and swim trunks and Jesus is just glad you bothered to show up.

Well every time I hear an argument made in favor of such an environment all I hear is blah blah blah blah I'm too lazy to make any real effort blah blah blah blah.


HoyaGirl, said...

Love it! Father spoke to us about this on Sunday during his Corpus Christi homily. I tell my children they should dress appropriately to meet the King of the Universe. It makes dress code decisions a bit easier that way! :)

Timothy said...

I go to a church where most people wear pajamas or clothes appropriate for exercising. However, some people are reverent enough to change into jeans and a sports jersey before coming to mass.

Unfortunately the church is a cathedral.

Gayle said...

AND if you would send them this post they would be totally offended, because 'God loves everyone just as they are so we don't need to be something we aren't to come and worship Him' (no they would never say Him).

Cruise the Groove. said...

I never have heard that from a Catholic.
Only a Prot once.
Maybe because we assist at good solid orthodox parishes.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

But what if you actually are too lazy to do more than just show up? What if it's like a kind of disability, that laziness is such a huge part of your life, that just showing up is a heroic act of overcoming your weakness?

Christopher Lake said...

Hilary, I actually have a physical disability (Cerebral Palsy) and use a wheelchair, and I still generally wear at least a button-up shirt and slacks to Mass. Laziness is no excuse for coming to Mass dressed improperly.

With that said, I strive not to judge the hearts of people who are dressed irreverently at Mass. It is a challenge, I will not lie. However, I can't read their hearts, and I don't know their histories, which have led to them coming to Mass dressed in ways that are *objectively* irreverent. Only God knows the ultimate culpability therein. I struggle when I see it, but I leave the judging of their hearts to Him. I still don't like improper dress at Mass though. Offering that small suffering up to Him....!

The Crescat said...

Hilary you ask an excellent question.

Christopher Lake said...

Laziness is not a disability. It's a choice.

Christopher Lake said...

Actually, indulging in laziness is a choice. Maybe laziness, itself, would be a temptation? I give in to it too much myself... not in terms of how I dress when I go to Mass, but in more subtle ways. Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.

Lola said...

I almost chocked when I read Timothy's comment.

One of the better dressed parishes near me has a contemporary service. So, clothes or music?

I'd like to tell every female in attendance to avoid wearing tube tops to mass though since they often look like their wearing their birthday suits from the back when seated.

Clinton said...

I think that those folks that insist that God doesn't
care what they wear to Mass, that He loves them
just as they are, are laboring under two misconcep-

1) That they are already perfect, and don't need to
go changin', 'cause He loves you just the way you
are. If I was already perfect, why bother to go to
Mass at all? (Actually, that might explain why quite
a few nominal Catholics go to Mass so rarely). I go
to Mass for a variety of reasons, but because I feel
I'm doing God a favor isn't one of them.

2) That expressing respect and appreciation for
one's 'audience' by donning appropriate attire is
somehow hypocritical or obsessing over externals.
Would the shorts-n-flip-flop wearers then insist
on wearing that same getup to their next job
interview? Still gonna wear that tube top when
you appear before a jury? Go to prom in those
sweatpants? Clearly there are circumstances that
call for dress that is appropriate-- and it is
revealing that these folks feel that appearing in
the Church before one's Lord and Maker doesn't rate.