Sunday, June 26, 2011

Why Catholics are cooler #3,456.999...

... today's "my religion is cooler than yours" is brought to you via my eight year old son and inspired by today's Corpus Christi procession.

We have Parades For Jesus!

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Just another mad Catholic said...

lucky you.

At our Corpus Christi Mass we had the girls who were making their first communion and who couldn't pronounce the words coming up to do the readings and intercessions. Tip if you're going to do that sort of thing choose someone with a rich, articulate and powerful voice.

the really bad part was the alot of the extended famlies of first communicants were Irish travellers; now I don't have anything against the Irish travellers per see but this lot were awful, talking right through Mass (if I hadn't been serving I would have got up, walked to the front of the pew and Shushed them), women who wore clothing that couldn't pass as modest in a 'gentlemen's club'who then dared to come up and recieve Jesus.

To cap it all they had hired a eggshell white strech limo pounding out music to pick the kids up.

Now I'm reliably informed that my polish/phillipino brothers and sisters know how to party, but they at least wait until they are outside the Church to do so.

oh and my fellow server chided me for my lack of tolerance.

Jane said...

I we'd had a parade for Jesus today. But when my husband asked if he needed to plan for music for a procession, the liturgist played dumb. "Why would we have a procession? What's going on this Sunday?"
But I have hope. Someday I will belong to a parish that has processions!

Julie said...

Our procession had me flashing to images of Sting's video "If I ever Lose My Faith".
We were a very small group led by three Knights of Columbus in red capes and plumed hats.
The yellow lab that lives next to the rectory chased us up and down the length of his chain link fence barking loudly.
None of those present for our little procession could carry a tune if our lives depended on it, so we opted for singing "Tantum Ergo" over and over again.
Dear Father B, who is from Uganda and adds an extra amount of dignity to any devotion, carried the monstrance high above his head during the walk from the new church to the historic church and back to the adoration chapel.
One of the server's rope belts came undone and he tripped but managed manfully to stay on his feet.

Loved it all.