Tuesday, July 12, 2011

generous readers...

... in the six years I have been blogging you all have never failed me. When I needed advice or couldn't find the patron saint against calories to invoke his intercession before eating an entire box of doughnuts, you were there. When I was single and seeking you sent me emails of your cousins, son, nephews and that crazy guy you work with who makes obscure sci-fi movie references. Bless you all.

When I needed to con my way into the Vatican Blog Meeting you wrote to the event organizer on my behalf. When I needed airfare to get to Rome, you all came though. And you even sent me flowers when you all thought I dropped dead of a heart attack.

You've shared with me my son's First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. And you have humored me while I ranted and raved and wallowed.

Say what you will about the internet and the people on it. We aren't all crazy shut-ins living and blogging from our parent's basement. We aren't socially disconnected from one another. The internet and this blog has made my world, at least, a little smaller and a lot more accessible. Many of you I have met and friendships blossomed.

If every there was a community of people that was generous and quick to come to some one's aide, even the aide of stranger, it is the Catholic blogging community.

Many of you know Hilary White, the Rome correspondent for LifeSite News. You probably also know she is undergoing intensive and debilitating rounds of chemo. If you are familiar, then you are aware of how feisty and tenacious she is. It is not an easy thing asking for help, but Hilary needs a little help and kindness right now.

Please, I ask you kind readers, to take a moment and read her blog as she chronicles her fight with cancer. Offer her your prayers and comments of encouragement. And if you can spare it, please consider making a donation to help with the costs of her medicine and medical care.

I humbly thank you.

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Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Thanks Kat.

I have been told that I have "FOOI" (pronounced "phooey") family of origin issues. These, I am informed, make it difficult for me to believe that anyone would ever want to help me. It has been suggested that cancer will turn out to be a good thing for my soul if, for no other reason, I learn to accept the care of others.

It's working, I think.