Friday, August 19, 2011

color of youth...

... I love all the media coverage of the World Youth Day events. Such joyous and colorful photos, with the exception of those idiotic protesters. What are they protesting anyway; the cost of the whole the event? I don't suppose they decided to investigate the source of the funds for WYD, which *isn't* the Spanish government, but private individuals and corporate sponsors. Those protesters, the poor dears, all look so angry. Don't they know all that unfounded indignation causes deep set frown lines and wrinkles?! Yawn.

I digress. Back to the joy and color., the Vatican Media center
World Youth Day's main website
WYD on Flickr
WYD on Facebook, where attendees are adding their own private photos to it's wall.
Rueters's Pope in Spain slideshow, with all those nasty little socialists spitting and frothing at the mouth, like typical "tolerant" liberals.

Updated: And the best photos, thus far, are from this source. Thank you Elizabeth Scalia for the link. I know I've been a naysayer to the loolapalooza-esqu atmoshpere in the past, but there is no denying the enthusiasm of the youth. Tears and shouts of joy greeted the Holy Father, shouts and tears usually reserved by teenagers for pop stars. That tells me something.


Anonymous said...

In Spanish, i'm sorry. :)

Navarricano said...

Make no mistake though, those frothing-at-the-mouth nasty little socialists, LGBT protesters, feminists and pro-aborts meant business and didn't just content themselves with vulgar insults and vile blasphemies, a number of them physically threatened the safety of the pilgrims. Imagine being some kid (or unsuspecting nun or priest) from Nigeria, Ireland, Croatia or wherever who doesn't speak Spanish. You've got a few free hours before the next event the group's scheduled to attend and so you pop down to the emblematic Puerta del Sol plaza for a visit in the center of the city for a bit of tourism, come up out of the Metro and you find some naked freak waving a gay flag mounting the statue of the the bear that is the symbol of the city of some tattooed feminist screaming at you incomprehensibly and throwing condoms at you. The photo in that Reuters slideshow of the rabble screaming in the face of that girl, who's crying and clutching her cross just tears at my heart and makes me furious. The fury of hell and the anti-Catholic hatred of the left is on full display here in Spain right now. The Socialist government is going through all the right motions and observing the requisite diplomatic niceties for a visiting head of state, but they hate this visit and they hate the Church. The government's representative in the town hall of Madrid and the Interior Minister permitted this demonstration in one of the most crowded central plazas of the city in the midst of this celebration, knowing full well what was likely to happen.

As I wrote in a comment on Fr. Z's blog earlier today, the Holy Father is well-protected by the security forces of the country. (though we should still pray for his safety) but these innocent kids are not. Most likely their sheer numbers will impede any serious problems, but acts of aggression against individual pilgrims are more than possible, so pray, pray, pray for their safety, please!

P.S. The protest over the cost of the WYD events is a pretext. All the slogans and things written on the posters have virtually nothing to do with the cost of the celebrations. It's about hatred for the Church and the Holy Father. Period. Here's another slideshow of Wednesday's protest from Libertad Digital, a online Spanish newspaper: WARNING: You can kill the link if you want to Kat, as the first photo contains nudity involving the aforementioned naked protester.

The Crescat said...

Navarricano, good point! I too believe the cost is just an excuse. It is very clear from the photos the hatred for the Church. It is etched in their twisted angry faces.

I didn't delete the link you provided because you made the warning, which I and others, appreciate.

We will follow at our own discretion.

Anonymous said...

And here you see what great difference there is when you have LOVE and when you have NOTHING. It shows in the faces of these youth who love the pope and those protesters who perpetuate hate.