Thursday, August 04, 2011

I thought technology was supposed to make our lives easier...

... I decided to run some errands on my lunch break and check out a local art supply store. It wasn't till I realized that nothing about my surroundings looked familar did I conclude I was lost. Luckily I had foresight enough to write down the phone number to the store. Here is what happened next:

Dude: "'Sup. Pretentious Hipster Art Supply Place Serving Only Cool People Covered in Tats and Piercings. Whatcha need?" [I didn't want to be derogatory and nasty by identifying the company because I am good person.]

Me: "I got a bit turned around. Can you give me directions?"

Dude: *Heavy sigh* "Do you have a GPS?"

Me: "I do. But I left stuck on my windshield in the hot sun. Remember that day when it was 100 degrees, well, I think the heat might have made it stop working and it's broken. I'm so lost without it and ..."

Dude: "Um.... yeah." *I can hear his eyes rolling.* "So, you got a phone with GPS or you go to our website on your cell. The directions are there."

Me: "I'm driving. I can't surf the internet while I drive."

Dude: "You can pull over."

Me: "I don't have a pen. Wait, what? Seriously?"

Dude: *more heavy sighing* "Yeah?"

Me: "You do realize you could have told me how to get there five minutes ago and ended this painful conversation?"

Dude: "Yeah and?"

Me: "Do you serve a purpose other than answering the phone and making sure the store doesn't burn down? Because a robot can do that. Even a monkey. I'm going to call your boss and tell him to replace you with a monkey."

Then I hung up real quick, like a chicken.


Helene said...

Ugh - what a brat and a half. His mother would probably cringe if she heard him speak like that to you.

The Digital Hairshirt said...

I think I'd fall back on my "Tourettes-runs-in-the-family" excuse.

Really? I would write a letter to the headquarters, because chances are his supervisor is a tool like him, serving only to make sure the staff do not completely break down and fling poo at each other.

NBW said...

I agree with Digital Hairshirt; the managers aren't much better than those they manage.
He couldn't tell you because he lacks the intelligence to do so; I bet if a monkey could talk he would do a better job.

Old Bob said...

I too thought technology was supposed to make our lives easier, until about 1974 when I started learning about computers and started programming. Way back in the 50s these things were called "labor-saving devices." Hah.

Maryjohn said...

Your name for the store made me spit out cereal. I should remember NOT to eat while I read your blog.

We have one of those here too. I'm an artist and have been frequenting that place for thirty years. They still have a rotating staff of 18 year olds with patronizing attitudes. Must be a job requirement.

The Crescat said...

It's a small local store; I doubt very seriously they have a corporate office. It also isn't worth the effort, in all honesty. I just blogged about because it was unbelievably ridiculous.

BurgoFitzgerald said...

If I ever get married, I am putting that picture on the invitations. I cannot stop looking at it. I think I have found many of the answers I have been seeking in that picture.

Oh, and I deal with dillweeds like that on a daily basis. I just get more of them at one time. They gather in lecture halls and proceed to tell me what is what in sentences that drip with ennui. I am a college professor. Please pray for me.

Maybe this response should have gone on the Bat Sh*t Crazy post. Although, it is fitting in nicely with the Stupid Things label.

Everything you write is a lovely moment of respite in my days, Kat.

The Crescat said...

And if I ever get married I am using the crazy lady image, from the post below, on my invitations.

Thank you for the kind words about my writing. At the moment I feel barely literate.

BurgoFitzgerald said...

Kat, if it makes you feel better, I am a...are you waiting for this...a WRITING professor! And if the alphabet soup after my name means anything or my professional opinion means anything, I think you are a most effective writer.

As my students say, "For serious, Miss."