Tuesday, August 16, 2011

unplug me please...

... why do people send me emails about angels and Jesus's love then threaten me with bad luck if I don't foward it to ten people? Isn't that voodoo?

And what in holy hell compelled me to subscribe to WND? It's like a cloud of doom that follows me around and is delivered straight to my fingertips no matter where I go or hour of the day. There's no escaping the petitions, online appeals, conspiracy theories and discount offers to purchase tin foil hats.

My work even comes to bed with me every night. With 2012 elections just around the corner I thought it only timely to trade in my multimedia smart phone for a simple talk and text phone.

Money on cell service saved per month, $79.00. Sanity saved, priceless.

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Anonymous said...

In order to afford my going down to working part-time so as to stay home with the kids, we gave up our regular cells for those pre-paid ones. 30$ a month for both! I am one of the few moms at the playground watching her kids play instead of texting and surfing the web. It is actually pretty sad.