Thursday, July 02, 2009

your submissions make Baby Jesus cry...

Number 1

... and on the third day He arose and was like "Whaaaat?" and the people were like "Whaaaaat?"

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Captain Nemo's tabernacle... arrrrgh, matey.

Number 5

Rock Monster will eat your priests.

Number 6

Grrrrr. I haz tiger!

Number 7

The um... erected Jesus.

Number 8

Soooo gay!

Number 9


Number 10

I haz center cut pleaz.

Number 11

Number 12

Number 13

Number 14

Number 15

Sith Madonna

Number 16

Number 17

Number 18

Number 19

Moth Man Prophecy

Number 20

Number 21

Stairway to Heaven

Number #22

Number #23

Number #24

My obelisk is bigger than yours.

Number #25

Number #26

Number #27

Number #28

Mormon Jesus

Number #29

Number #30

Number #31

Number #32

Number #33

Number #34

Number #35

Number #36

Number #37

Number #38

Number #39

Number #40

Number #41

Number #42

Number #43

Number #44

Number #45

Putrid Pieta

Number #46

"I'm melting..... meeeelting. Oh what a world!"

Number #47

Number #48

Tin Man

Number #49

Number #50

... that's all folks. No more submissions will be taken. Over the next day or two I will tag the photos and voting will begin shortly. I will keep you all posted.

I want to thank all who participated in this contest of visual assault.

ps- used my executive authority and deleted the controversial Trinity submission... only because my Abuelita has a similar statue on her night stand; right in between the Divino Nino and glow in the dark plastic Madonna. :-)


Rob said...

Is that third picture an ambry or a ancient microphone?

Rob said...

Actually, the 4th picture.

TheSeeker said...

@RJW: looks like a horrid tabernacle to me :-(

Man Cannonball...these are AWFUL!! Ur pichurz makez Baby Jesus cry.

The Crescat said...

new title!

Patm said...

The one near the bottom, with the orange and yellow circles and the silhouetted looks like Che & Jesus play Assassin!

Anonymous said...

Here is a flicker collection of photos of the Las Vegas Cathedral (Guardian Angel Cathedral). It is right on the strip. It is all so bad, that it is hard to pick just one.

Well, here is one that is particularly bad. It the mural painted on the Apse of the Cathedral.



Anita Moore said...

RJW, the 4th picture is a tabernacle in the chapel of a Franciscan convent in eastern Idaho. It is made from irrigation pipe valves.

Rob said...

Man! That's worse than it being an ambry!

Rob said...

That gold "crucifix"???
"Yo, Jacko, come dance with me!"

Ed Hering said...

#12: "Fame! I'm gonna live forever..."

Anonymous said...

Night will be hard to endure!

kRad said...

I spy Orthometer in a Stooges shirt. Not as sure about who that is on the building behind him however...

Alex said...

reminds me of cafeteria is closed... let us pray for Gerald Augustus

Jeff Geerling said...

"Traffic directing Jesus tells kids where to dance" for the one with the altar up against the wall (are they celebrating ad orientem?).

Anonymous said...

these are terrible. But wait, there's more.

-Tina in Ashburn

Anonymous said...

Ought to post pics from St. Robert's in Ada, MI. We jokingly call it "The Shrine of the Wheat god"

Tabernacle in another room down the hall, no crucifix, Statue of Mary way in the back corner, and a GIANT thing that looks like a sheaf of wheat behind the altar.

Richard Chonak said...

Fun contest!

Could you number the images, to make commenting easier?

The Rock Monster could also be called "Matrix Jesus".

Two images below it, the colorful church looks like a Transporter malfunction.

X said...

The rock monster could be quick sand...

Anonymous said...

The irrigation-pipe thingy reminds me of a submarine..."up periscope."
And for the mime...Oh Lordy! Rubber Ducky on wall says, "No mimes in church--not even in France."

Derik said...

12th picture, that attempt of crucifix, is like "Jesus on a stick" or "skewered Jesus"

Anonymous said...

Not sure which picture looks the worst...

Wouldn't you give money to the building of this $14million Catholic Church?!

Jason said...

the 2nd and 3rd look like something outta the basement of the esoteric order of dagon

tomray7 said...

Caption for the picture of Father Theater standing in front of the blue screen, with apologies to John Steinbeck:

Then Lennie held up the sticks and yelled, "George! I found some firewood, George!"

Anonymous said...

I wish I could submit an entire Cathedral for your disgust, but I guess I'll just content myself with giving a few pics from here in Aus. These ones are courtesy of the newly rebuilt St Patrick's Cathedral in Parramatta, near Sydney:

A 'confronting' painting of the Sacred Heart. A piece of work for an art gallery perhaps, but not a place of worship.

Australia's own Blessed Mary Mackillop is also there. I've heard this one being labelled 'Death Mask Mary' or 'Darth Mary' Personally I prefer the latter.

Obi's Sister said...

I've been in many churches over the years, of many faiths, and I can say without a doubt the Catholics do bad religious art the best. Blue Ribbon!

Anonymous said...

I think your Sacred Heart painting wins! Art, yes; religious, definitely not.
Here in America we've had a traveling exhibition called "Bodies...The Exhibition," where real skinned, dissected human bodies have been preserved and posed as art.
I think for most of us it would be difficult to pray/meditate while looking at such images.

Bea said...

Those are sooo ugly! I loved the "Rock Monster" thing.
And my mom used to go to a church in Tampa that had one of those things.


Shame on you! Ridicule in the guise of humor isn't funny or Christian.

Anonymous said...

@ Barbara Weeks:

How is ridicule of something bad "not Christian"? Please explain.

Here are a couple quotes (courtesy of C.S. Lewis) from a couple notable Christian thinkers:

"The best way to drive out the devil, if he will not yield to texts of Scripture, is to jeer and flout him, for he cannot bear scorn" --Martin Luther

"The devil... the prowde spirit...cannot endure to be mocked" --Thomas More

And these hideous things are certainly worth mocking.

Of course, I wouldn't know. I am obviously not as good and decent a person as you are.

Dymphna said...

The Rock Monster Jesus is the worst. In my diocese we have a church that did the same thing only with the Holy Spirit. I told my husband that I never want to go back there because that thing in the bricks gives me the creeps. It look like a Ring Wratih trying to break loose from the wall.

Anonymous said...

Dan-O beat me too it. The Guardian Angel Cathedral on the 'Strip' in Las Vegas is... um... interesting:

Katy said...

"The best way to drive out the devil, if he will not yield to texts of Scripture, is to jeer and flout him, for he cannot bear scorn" --Martin Luther

"The devil... the prowde spirit...cannot endure to be mocked" --Thomas More

And these hideous things are certainly worth mocking.

Two thumbs up for these quotes. Christ and His Saints deserve far better from us than these aesthetic horrors, this mockery and ridicule in the guise of art, and the only way not to cry is to laugh.

Second from bottom: is that an anteater in the baptismal font? Or: "Rodents of unusual size? I don't think they exist."

Is it just me or does Jesus-in-the-wall bear an uncanny resemblance to Han-Solo-in-carbonite?

Anita Moore said...

The Guardian Angel Cathedral on the 'Strip' in Las Vegas is... um... interesting

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon meets
Jesus in the celestial temple in Salt Lake City.

Terry Nelson said...

I absolutely love the expression on the face of the guy in the black beret holding the palms with the blue screen behind him. He's soooooo gay! hey - that's my caption: "So gay"

The Crescat said...

LOL Terry... for you... anything!

Vincenzo said...

Steven P. Cornett said...

21: The Stairway to nowhere...
20: blessed Peter of Pan?
or was that Michael Jackson's donation.
17: Hysteria that brings desolation.

Smiley said...


Anonymous said...

This is the lat supper mural at St Paul's Church in Tintagel

Smiley said...

ai caramba

Sherry said...

#4) the Porthole of God

#20) Mary, Mother of God preparing to attend a Babylon 5 Convention


Soul: Jesus! What is that?
Jesus: I have no idea.

Sherry said...

One more.

18) Remember kids, He died so you could have coffee with those donuts after mass so don't forget to go downstairs when we're done here.

It's not sinful to recognize bad art as bad.

Anonymous said...

Re no. 9: That one is really tragic - it's in St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna, and it's meant to remember Sr. Restituta Kafka, a nun who was beheaded in, I think, 1943 for her faith and for "Wehrkraftzersetzung" and other crimes against the Nazist order of things. She was beatified some years back. Whenever I see a picture of this, it's like seeing Freisler's Volksgerichtshof in action TODAY - again and again. The "artist" was (and is) a devout atheist - and nobody dared to object the installation of this nightmare.


Steven P. Cornett said...

The "artist" was (and is) a devout atheist - and nobody dared to object the installation of this nightmare.

That's what I don't understand, and this wasn't the first time the Church there accepted one of this artist's awful works. Why did they not tell this artist to buzz off, since his works are so clearly and intentionally offensive the Church and the Faith?

Or are those the fruits by which we should know that the Austrian clergy are truly wolves in sheep's clothing?

Steven P. Cornett

Anonymous said...

- Mr. Cornett: Wish it were that simple. If I remember correctly (I tried to block out the whole sorry affair, without much success), the "artist" is a communist and, therefore, anti-fascist. He has completed several pieces which are generally recognized as good. One of the most famous is the "Jew washing the street" in Vienna's first municipal district, which was inaugurated some years back, when another "jubilee" of 1938 rolled around. Now, remember, this is Austria, and "fascism" remains one of the most effective weapons against anyone you don't like the opinion of. So, publicly rejecting the "statement" (aka the Nightmare statue) of Mr. Whatsisname about equals rejecting his stance on Nazism - at least, if you believe in what the media will make of such an action. So, putting up the sculpture perpetrated in the name of blessed Sister "Resoluta" may well be the "minus malum" one always hears about.

Anita Moore said...

Actually, one of the big purposes of the bust of Bl. Restituta appears to be to make martyrs out of dead communists. Find a link to the text of the inscription.

Acolyte4236 said...

This is exactly why the Orthodox Church has strict rules on iconography and church art.

TheSeeker said...

#12 makes Jesus look like an awkward parade leader.

#15 makes our Mother look like a Sith lord.

#16 looks like something Heavens Gate would've designed.

ps, I'm very excited about the new title :-D

Steven P. Cornett said...

Re; Anonymous,

It's sacrilege and clearly intended to be. It's about honoring Communists as martyrs and honoring them in the memory of the "general will" while the real marytr is shown rotted and screaming.

It's intentional exaltation of secularism and trashing of the Saints, which is sacrilege. There is no minimizing of the malum at all.

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi said...

Here you go...
Welcome to Oakland, CA

Take the tour and start asking yourself "Am I in a church or the headquarters of the old Soviet Union?" Bet you didn't know concrete could be soooo...ugh.

Steven P. Cornett said...

Re: Sic Transit,

Here you go...
Welcome to Oakland, CA.

Is that the one that's shaped like a football from above? OTOH, I thought the Taj Mahoney was the one that looked like an old Soviet Union bunker building.

Steven P. Cornett said...

Re: Sic Transit,

I just took the link.

I was is the football shaped one.

You're right too. It's ugly as sin.

Steven P. Cornett

Anonymous said...

The Seeker and Sherrytex: The sci-fi looking statue (#15) is actually of Blessed Mary MaKillop, Australia's first (and unfortunately only) saint. Just FYI...

Anonymous said...

- re Anita Moore: Well, Restituta went to her death in the company six Communist tramway workers, who had also been sentenced to death on the guillotine. The "artist" of course thought to include his six fellows-in-atheism in the memory of the resolute nun. Sad to say, in 1943 the Communists were the only recalcitrant cells left in what today is Austria. The Conservative and the Catholic anti-Nazists had sorely lacked practice in camouflage and underground work and were much more easily detected by the Gestapo. By 1942, none of them were left. The Commies had been in hiding since 1933 and thus were much more savvy in surviving the seven-thousand years' Reich. - As I already said, this is Austria, and if it were simple here, none of my countrymen had ever emigrated to, e.g., North America.

Dymphna said...

#15, what is that thing?

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

21-Careful! That last step is a doozy!
19-The tree fairy emerged from her bark cocoon
18-The parish council re-thought the whole "let's sell the pews to commission the artist to make the pretty cross sculpture" idea when they also had to fund yoga classes for after each Mass.
15-Iron Maiden
16"It's ELECTRIC, boogiewoogieoogieoogie!"

Mike in CT said...

#15-- did they recycle the father's costume from Amadeus! And that's supposed to draw people to Mary?

Sarah said...

This is a fantastic contest idea!

Two years ago I did a research project on modern church architecture. Here's a couple of the hideous gems I discovered.

In Chicago

Burning Bush/Brain Coral tabernacle

Holy Name Cathedral's "Ascension"/Weber Kettle Grill/Fires of Hell tabernacle

Then in Virginia
TIE-Fighter tabernacle

Twig people Stations of the Cross

and the Holy Family statue that seriously frightened me as a kid.
They're posing with a lion to symbolize parish patron St. Mark.

Terry Nelson said...

#16 - is that cathy?

Anonymous said...

#19...Did anyone ever watch the "Mothman Prophecies?"

Swine Flew said...

Oh man, I just chanced on this blog and got a blast from the past! #11 used to hang above the altar in the parish church of my childhood in Tampa. I remember well the groans and murmurs when it was installed. Time mercifully brought renovations, and this was donated to - I guess wherever that is in the picture.

Anonymous said...

#9 is the worst because the artist apparently intended it to be ugly for the purpose of derision. The person who made it seems to be expressing contempt for the subject and the viewer. There are scarier close-ups of it than this small shot. The other submissions in this contest are probably just creativity running amok.

Anonymous said...

Ummm we know that there are gays in the Church...why dont we let THEM decorate from now on?

KimP said...

Each photo that I look at I think, "Oh, that one will surely win - it is hideous." And then I see the next one and shudder. After scrolling through them one by one, and seeing each worse than the last, I ask myself, "What precise level of hell is this?" I don't know how a "winner" will be chosen. They all are awful.

Anonymous said...

#15 makes Mary look like a Sith Lord from Star wars!

Unknown said...

is #23 supposed to be a phallic symbol?

#33 looks like something from a Tim Burton movie

well at least in 29 they got it right and they had all men in it

please tell me 18 is a retreat centre and not a church, don't people have any senses?

Diane said...

OK, what on earth is #17???

And has #24 been cleared for takeoff?

Mark said...

#11 - Please exit to the doors on your left please.

#24 - Beneath the Planet of the Apes.

Anonymous said...

# 43
Mahony's Molten Men from Mars tabernacle (in his new cathedral).

Lola said...

I think #43 is the awfulness of all. Yikes.

What would make this even more interesting is to find out how much was paid for the above "art".

That might just make us feel as bad as the stuff looks.

berenike said...

A suggestion

I have another minger, but it's so horrible, the parish website has no photos of the interior :-)

berenike said...

Oh, how could I forget?

Sanctuary of the Divine Providence

And they wonder why they are having difficulty raising funds for its completion ...

Christina said...


#24 - "What do you mean Freudian symbolism?"

Mr. C said...

Anthony, gender appropriate or not, #22, seemed very Twelve-Step to me; "Hi, my name is Yeshuah, and I'm...." HI YESHUAH!

Anonymous said...

As I said over on MCJ, it always breaks my heart to walk into a magnificent Catholic church building only to see the devastation caused to the interiors by Vatican II. To see a beautiful stone high altar that have been covered up or ripped out only to be replaced by some hideous wooden donut in the middle of the choir is an abomination I cannot bear.

Sanctus Belle said...

Ok, my caption pick #38 Night of the Living Dead Jesus

#24 Phallic symbol chairs gone wrong

#22 Necrotic Dancing

Anonymous said...

#26 What you don't see is that this Damacletian sword-among-the pricklies is holding a wishbone in his outstretched right hand... hoping gay archbishops can go to heaven.

Unknown said...

oh, made the mistake, yes 24 is the phallic symbol, my Jesus is bigger than your bigger.

Ah Number 20 and 43, wonderful art from Taj Mahoney. At least they got the tapestries right.

RFP said...

Photo #1: "The George Carlin Jesus" or, "Carlin Christ"

Photo #3: Blessed Chernobyl Church

Photo #7: Come on people, even Jesus had to take a shower....

Photo #13: Giant Clams! Getchur giant clams here!

Photo #15: The Golden Hobbit

Photo #16 Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Temple of Doom

Photo #17 "Happy Birthday dear Jeesuuus, happy birthday to youuuuu....."

Photo #23:Yes, spiders need a place of worship too.

Photo #24: Rocket Man Church, where everyone's a star!

Photo #26: Alfred Hitchcock's preferred place of worship.

Photo #27: The Pope announced today that the Sacred Heart of Jesus needed quadruple bypass surgery...

Photo #28: "Dunkin' Donuts--they're heavenly!"

Photo #30: Star Trek transporter malfunction

Anonymous said...

#30--Dorothy, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion holding Baby Jesus?!
#31 reminds me of something I saw during my histology class.
#42 Little Mermaid jumps up from behind a rock.


The Young Catholic said...
A match for the modern Mary statue in LA

The Crescat said...

That's all folks!!!!!

I'll spend the next day or two tagging the submissions and then voting will begin.

I want to thank you everyone for visually assaulting me and your fellow bloggers with some truly heinous "art".

Your contributions have been great.

If you don't see your submission, shoot me an email A few I did leave out, like church building structures because I wanted to stay within the theme of art and not architecture.

RFP said...

Photo #45: Everybody was kung fu fighting, those cats were fast as lightning. In fact it was a little bit frightening....:)

Anonymous said...

Photo No. 46:
Suggested Caption:
Oh my ... this time, Bernd das Kastenbrot had really taken some severely wrong turns ... just wait, where Muesli das Schaf and Primel der Busch will appear ...

German speciality, a TV series on Kika, the Children's Channel: Bernd "the toast" (literally; he's a depressed slice of bread) and his chaps, Muesli (a sheep), enthusiastic as they can be, and Primel (primula), a walking bush. Bernd always gets into new situations he doesn't like, even has adventures - while he'd like nothing more than sitting at home and looking at his ingrain wallpaper.

Greg Nagy said...

2 - Surely this is not from a Catholic church, but that joke "flying spaghetti monster" parody religion that the athiests think they are so clever for making up.

18 - Rev Jones, Rev Jones! Is the kool-aid ready yet?

44 - Somewhere, a number of poor parks have lost all their benches

45 - not bad in general, but I am sure that if I looked at it, even during mass, "Triangle Man" by TMBG would get stuck in my head. Thats a distraction I do not want.

Anonymous said...


"And I'll have a large basket of Jeezez to go please."

Mark said...

Re: #45,
I wonder what the issue here is - the representations are beautiful nicely colored.

While I in general do not approve of pictures of God the Father (preferring Jesus, as the Image of the Father) - this image of the Father is not "ugly" at all.

BTW: the triangle halo is traditional for God the Father, representing the Trinity. see:

Agnes B. Bullock said...

I cannot believe how obvious #20 is- The Obamessiah hath cometh- bow down and adore him"

The Crescat said...

tzard... I think its the karate chop hand gestures. but I agree... I like it... its very hispanic.

Mary Jansen said...

#35 is Christ the Light Cathedral in Oakland. It's absolutely beautiful and full of ancient and modern symbolism. The Jesus pixel is a replica from Chartre Cathedral and at night it shines out.

Anita Moore said...

I have to agree with Tzard about #45: that is a very traditional representation of the Trinity, and not ugly.

Anonymous said...

#44 may be minimalist/plain, but doesn't a big blank wall look SO MUCH better than the garbage we're seeing in most of these photos?

Anonymous said...

#23 Does not exist yet. That is only the design... there is still time to stop it...

Anonymous said...

I pretty much died from laughter when I saw my home parish (#13) on this list. I've always said it was ugly, and this list proves my point!!

KimP said...

Okay, for my money, it is a toss up between 22 and 7. If a gun was put to my head, I'd have to go with 7. It's sheer ickiness is compounded by the very public nature of the "erected Jesus".

Anonymous said...

#49 Spidey shoots some web

#50 The Whomping Willow strikes

Anonymous said...

#30 The Holy Family join up with the Cowardly Lion for the journey to Egypt

#32 Replication complete

#43 Deep in the reactor core, something is secreting ...

#44 Harry Potter & Dumbledore's post mortem meetup

#45 Kill me now. Please.

$47 Kitchen Plate Jesus

Holly said...

I don't care for the the fountain thing in #13, but I kind of like that the baptismal font is shaped like a coffin. It's not one of the traditional shapes, but the imagery is interesting.

Unknown said...


I cannot believe that none from Christ Our King, Mt. Pleasant SC, were not in here. There would be so much to choose from, but the gay Jesus hanging above the Altar should have made it.

Thanks for this!!!

The poor souls!


Anonymous said...

Huh? What? Mmmm-kay

Anonymous said...

#3 looks like female genitalia. Everything is there- the clitoris, a vagina, everything.

PraiseDivineMercy said...

On #34: Since when do Catholics worship the allspark?

I actually like #27, provided it's a side wall decoration and not on the main altar.

#28 is beautiful. Am I missing something?

Most of these are hideous though. Several are outright offensive rather than just bad art, especially #49.

In #50 it seems like the modern architecture is attacking the Divine Mercy image.

Ιούδας Ισκάριωθ said...

Deus in Adiutorium Meum Intende...Domine ad Adiuvandum me festina...

q7swallows+3 said...

#32 -- Bob, I'll take what's behind Door #1...

Anonymous said...

I don't think we should be focusing on which church is the ugliest. It is sad to say some of these pictures are horrible. It is like they worship idols, they do not represent the true image of our Lord Jesus and Blessed Virgin Mary or Saints. Some looks like they worship modernism or paganism. The tabernacle, that is the most important part of the church, The true body, blood soul and divinity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ should not be housed in those horrible and disrespectful containers. A Tabernacle should be adorned with beauty, with glory, love and holiness. That is what Jesus is. But shame on all of you who fall into this contest submissions. Instead of making fun of them, you should write to them or ask how you can help replace those statues, paintings, or tabernacles that does not truly represent the beauty of God, Jesus, Mary and the Saints. I extend to you the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary's Blessings and Saint Michael God's warrior and defender of the the most Holy Catholic Church.

Cristus Vinci

Anonymous said...

Is there supposed to be something wrong with #38?

Joseph Fromm said...

#36 is the Holy Water font at Mary Queen of the Universe Shrine in Orlando, Florida.

This shrine has a very large gift shop adjacent to the main church and contents are extremely faithful to Church teachings. This shrine also has about 50 hours a week dedicated to hearing confessions and a beautiful adoration chapel. The Plexiglas Jesus on the main crucifix takes a little getting used too.

Number 50

Is the shrine of the Divine Mercy just outside of Krakow, Poland.
What bothered me about the shrine was the red light over the tabernacle.



Anonymous said...

Number 28 is a Mormon statue, not Catholic. It is located in the Visitors Center in the Salt Lake City Mormon Temple Square. Here's the wikipedia entry:

All that outer space imagery -- Mormons believe they will become gods over their own planets ... but I digress.

Anyway, this entry is invalid for a Catholic bad art contest. You'd need to run a bad art contest for Mormon art, and hoo boy would that be a hum-dinger! They got seriously bad art.

HermitCrab said...

Number 17

After filling the multi-colored balloons with heavenly helium, El Padre transmorphed into Elle Soprano – He had some ‘splainin’ to do.

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Joe, my husband and I just visited Mary, Queen of the Universe last week. My pictures are here.

Mary said...

I'd say either 4 or 32!

Kiwi Nomad said...

Some of these churches that you expose to ridicule, I would actually find it easy to sit quietly and pray in. Some others I would not. But I find the way many in the commentariat here denigrate the churches of others to be quite arrogant. The spirit of Love seems to have left the comment-boxes.

Mack said...

#1 is from St. Jude's in Beamont, Texas. It was worse -- there were smaller statues, apparently disciples, accompanying this one, with their backs to the congregation and looking as if they were relieving themselves against the wall.

Anonymous said...

Mack, you're right! And I am certain that #3 and #5 are also in the same diocese. That's Bishop Guillory and Fr McCrate in #3.
I'm so proud!!

Sr. John OCDS said...

So many choices, not enough time. I think #4. Kinda like Moby Dick, Loch Ness, Edmund Fitzgeraldish.

Anonymous said...

This is ecclesiastical pornography, pure and simple. Pray for the poor souls who must endure these abominations every Sunday. Pray also for the mercy of God to those who created and those who perpetuate and defend these abominations, especially the priests and bishops of these so-called "churches". May God have mercy on their souls.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or in #29 does the Savior kind look like Robert Downey Jr?

Scott W. said...

Some of these churches that you expose to ridicule, I would actually find it easy to sit quietly and pray in. Some others I would not. But I find the way many in the commentariat here denigrate the churches of others to be quite arrogant. The spirit of Love seems to have left the comment-boxes.

Did you have some specific comments in mind? Which ones are arrogant? Why are they arrogant? I am willing to grant that some of the art here was well intentioned. But intentions only go so far. Some of examples are tolerable, barely. Others are plain ugly and an outright assualt on the very concept of Beauty and have no business being in a church and frankly ought to be ridiculed.

Unknown said...

How about a church that looks more like a place of Devil Worship or the front gates of hell? BEHOLD, La Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona, Spain! (Not for the queasy or faint of heart, this thing just looks EVIL!!!):


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