Wednesday, August 12, 2009

tipping... it aint just for cows...

... so I was at the pharmacy today spending my grocery money on my new myriad of perscriptions; my heart cocktail which replaces my usual evening one now, when as I was getting back in my car the driver side exterior paneling popped off and landed at my feet. There I stood laughing in the rain with my bagful of meds looking deranged. Such is my life.

Then it occurred to me... if people will shell out a tuppence for bird seed surely my kindly readers will donate to me, a single mother and struggling nursing student who is recovering from a heart attack.

I can't sell you indulgences but I assure you your donations will go to a grand cause for the greater good... helping a future nurse off set the cost of her education and books.

So if you like what you read drop a tuppence in the jar and assuage your conscience by giving alms to the poor.


Unknown said...

Money well spent. You should be focused on your child, your faith, your career... not worrying about your car falling apart or being able to afford your medication.

I hope others feel the same way. Best of luck.

truthfinder said...

Couldn't send flowers, so dropped a few pence in. Wish I had more.
Prayers added,
:) Rosemary in Missouri

Anonymous said...

Will send a donation, but also give my two cents worth of advice. I have had two heart attacks....the first when I was 49. Never had chest pain. The first one I had jaw pain and the second debilitating fatigue. Ladies! Take note! WE DO NOT HAVE THE SAME SYMPTOMS AS MEN!
Also, dear one, don't go three months without your rosary. I sleep with mine (the second heart attack happened in the middle of the night) and I was so glad to have my rosary in my hand as they wheeled me out to the ambulance and thence to all of the various and sundry experiences after that. I'm sorry you have to be a member of the "broken heart" club, but at least now you know that you have heart disease and can take steps to manage it!
Heart attacks are very scary....sometimes I think people are afraid to admit that. Another common side effect is depression. God bless you, dear.
If you want any "heart support" feel free to contact me.

USMC 9971 said...

Take care of yourself. I hope this little bit helps. Know that you and your son are in our prayers.

Kala said...

Not only birdseed but a trip to the UK.

Adrienne said...

I'll give ya a tip - wear white at night!

Only kiiiiiiiiiiiiding!

Bless you and your precious little heart!