Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus...

... here are the top ten tackiest representations of your birth...

Only in Florida with 52 votes Submitted by: The Young Catholic

Human Hair with 39 votes submitted by: Eric

My personal fav; Cthulhu Nativity with 39 votes Submitted by: Mike

LSD Frogs with 28 votes Submitted by: Kathryn

The Birth of Cheeses of Nazareth with 18 Submitted by: Eric

Simpson's Nativity with 14 votes Submitted by: The Young Catholic

Recycled Trash with 12 votes Submitted by: Jackie

Bottle Cap Nativity with 10 votes Submitted by: Lola

Balloon Nativity with 10 Submitted by: Eric

Fr. Erik's favorite; the Bull Dogs with 10 Submitted by: Tina aka Snupjake


Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I think I agree with the results. The hair one still makes me gag, just to think of it.

TCN said...

Yep, all are barf-worthy.

laurazim said...

My eyes, MY EYES!!!!! GAH!!!!

The Ironic Catholic said...

The word verification for this comment is "shisty"...

That just about says it, all right.

Bravo Crescat!